Saturday, May 1, 2010


(first born 2nd from Left. second born with black eye on RHS)

miranda is right. the rains haven't gone. at all.

but still. they've taken on a wintery tone. i can wear my snazzy little leather jacket these days. nights are nippy. there.

and the hills are scattered with wild flowers. always a sign. always. (of seasons changing, silly)

and it's sunday. i promised i would lie in this morning. but no. eyes flicked open at seven. impossible. coffee beckoned. and here i am.

the week-end began with an all out friday night. all out as in wheels off. too much blackberry vodka, culminating in uncontrollable weeping and me being particularly obstreperous and eating pork. pork? i don't eat pork. but there ya go. so i woke up on saturday morning looking like a bus had reversed repeatedly over my face. my head felt like it had a large and tight elastic band tightly wound around it. not good. oh no. not good at all. after sending apologetic sms's to very nice and forgiving friends, i dragged myself off to watch the rugby - twigas (giraffe in swahili - the tanzanian side) against the cheetahs (the best rugby side from kenya, with 16 national players). it was, once again, a total massacre. something like 67 to 0. but oh so impressive to watch. i sat on the edge of the emerald green field drinking soda, sprite and bitters, with very large dark sun glasses (to cover the mashed up face) and silly high heel shoes. completely inappropriate for marching around on a muddy rugby field. (you know, heels sinking in mud and blah). still. they match the snazzy leather jacket and look terrifically cool with my jeans and make me ever so tall. i sat lots, though.

i find that these days i actually watch the rugger. before i would chit chat, admire people's jewels, rugby player's legs and vaguely know the score. now i'm fierce about it. i tell people to go away, can't talk now, watching the game, der! but i still can't tell you which position is which. why they have line outs. why they randomly decide to scrum. who is a forward, fly half, scrum half, center or where they have to stand. and as for those coded numbers when they throw the ball into the line out, flummaxed.
BUT i know what a forward pass is (clearly the ref yesterday didn't) and i know you've got to run like hell and get the ball over the try line then kick it over the goal posts. (oh and not entirely sure of how many points you get for it.) nevertheless. i love yelling and whooping and shouting "tackle him", filled with violent intention, from the sidelines.
rugby game rules equate staring into a land rover engine for me. i just can't understand or remember them. they must just work.

first born won man of the match in his curtain raiser...(man? skinny boy of the match really.) he was completely brilliant. scoring a try and kicking accurate conversions with bare feet. for this outstanding achievement he won himself a second soda. second born scored 2 goals in his football match in moshi and swam sterlingly, apparently. couldn't be in two places at once. so all round sporting success for the picannins of the hill. all bloody marvelous. terrifically proud. third born just skipped about looking pretty and eating lots of ice creams. (for lunch and dinner, i think? also lara preferred chocolate ice cream for dinner until miranda took her away from me. what?)

oh. if you want to know why miranda hasn't blogged for ages it's because she's been cleaning her picture window....i think she's finally realized she's been cleaning The Wrong Side.


cammy said...

ah, made me laugh and call mum over to have a read...i think ill make a post about the rugga too...craig did a great job with the rhino calves...he was the announcer yes?
Ill get my work in on monday...
surprised you didnt mention the heated debate my mother had with that canadian was quite impressed that you(free and full of gentleness-bleh she should see you in class ;-p)got involved on behalf of the south africans
oh and weldone about the boys...good game on behalf of daniel, didnt he get an injury?
take care

Mud in the City said...

Oh - I think she's missed a bit!

nuttycow said...

Well done the boys on their great sporting exploits. You don't really have to know the laws of rugby to enjoy it (or to play it, I've found!)

I love the idea of a picture window - especially when you've got such views!

Miranda said...

Pah, my comment got lost. Bloody internet. Was fab to see you at the rugby, snazzy leather jacket and lekker mitumba shooz. Thanks for the nudge nudge, will blog more!

fushandchips said...

Lawd, I hated school rugby. The only thing I could do was tackle, so I was always full back: cannon-fodder for the marauding opposing team.

Karate proved much more gentle.

Angela said...

I was in the school Pep Club for American Football in PA and had no idea what that game was all about, either. You`re right, doesn`t keep you from shouting and yelling and hooraying ("One two three four, who you`re gonna yell for?"), but I had to wear a purple coloured ugly sweatshirt, not such posh clothes like you. Great report! said...

oh well done that boy. admiring people's jewels instead of watching game? i think we all did that before we had sons on the field. years and years since a husband was out there!

Janelle said...

thanks for all the comments. rugby isn't entirely everyone's cuppa tea. more this week end....lashings of good things from here to your theres...x j

Elizabeth said...

Hi Janelle
I'm in London

I think they play rugby here too

I have jet lag and am going to see Bee Drunken too

much love to all oxoox

karen said...

You do make me laugh! Glad you were able to sit a lot with the killer heels on!! Well done to first born for Man of the Match - great achievement, indeed!

I love Miranda;s picture window very much. Sadly today I can't see any of your photos, but will try again another time..

Reya Mellicker said...

The beings that sprang from your body are so incredibly beautiful, and (not surprising, this) they are also so talented.

Happy fall. I bet you look great in your leather jacket - even with hangover. xx

family Affairs said...

Well done to first born and u for getting there with hangover. So know that feeling and same as you re developing passion for rugby! Lx

Mama Shujaa said...

obstreperous - nimejifunza neno leo! I love it. I could have sworn I left a comment last week, typed it up, verified a work and and clicked send...but it's not here.

'nyway, I enjoyed reading it the first time so much, came back to re-read and looked up that marvelous word.

I know as much about Rugby as I do about American Football - nada! They do have something in common though - folks yelling "get him, tackle him, etc"!!! I prefer real football, yaani soccer. Getting ready to go to the World Cup in SA, yay!!!

Sasa? Unaendeleaje dada?

SafariB said...

HA ha... Miranda! :))) Gotcha!