Thursday, October 28, 2010


zanzibar has sunk beautifully into my bleached bones.
being at the sea, the zanzibari sea, makes me travel far from myself.
as far as the moon,
which rose every night,
fortunately fat and full;
of histories and futures and majiks.
we were transfixed.
this moon led me to thinking about how people blink in life.
like little lights.
like stars.
sometimes they blink louder
sometimes fainter.
sometimes smudgy.
but blinking.
it led me to thinking, with certainty, about babies being born.
new little blinking lights.
blinking fast like foetal hearts.
it led me to thinking, with dead certainty, about people dying.
little lights going out.
like dead stars.
you see them but they aren't there.
lover's lights being marginally fatter and brighter
-(than everyone else's)-
moving unknowingly,
across great continents of darkness,
this way and that.
souls moving closer to their cluster.
the lights grow brighter
blink faster.
this zanzibar moon confirmed everything.
i have to be there.
toodely toot, y'all. do not adjust your sets. yet. bisous X.X.X. mercurial ones x j


What Possessed Me said...

You are back - and full on inspiration. Lucky us! xox

Reya Mellicker said...

Ah - beautiful beautiful.

I saw the stars from the deck of the lake house. I was SO glad to see my old friends! And the Milky Way. Oh man.

I thought about that picture you posted once, of the pink house with the stars blazing all around it. I loved that picture.

Lori ann said...

Does pole sana apply here Janelli?

don't things become clearer when looking out to sea? especially when lit by a big beautiful moon.

i loved that photo reya described too.
xxx lori

Angela said...

When friends of ours die and we are left here, it is good to lie on our back and look at the stars. My little grandson tells us of the time before he was born as "When I was still a star in the sky" (whereas his friend from Ecuador says "When I was still a dolphin in the sea"). Now Mark has returned to the sky, spreading joy there, among the very little ones and the ones who also wandered home. There is only happiness and no AKA 47.

karen said...

I love your star analogy..glad you are back!

call me any name said...

Beautiful! It brought back vivid memories from my own years living in paradise on an island a good bit further to the east from zanzibar, but the same ocean, the exact same moon... wish I could feel the soft warm night air back here in cold autumnal Europe.

Dumdad said...

Blinking good post (comme d'hab).

Karen said...

Lovely! Thank you for sharing this. xoxo

Will said...

In cites, stars are mostly not seen and are nearlt forgotten. Perhaps that's why we have so few altruistic dreamers.

tut-tut said...

chills, so thrillingly right

Anonymous said...

A lovely way to think about death - as a star just fading, hopefully soon to start sparkling somewhere else in the universe Lx

Family Affairs said...

I'm NOT anonymous - I'm Lulu from Family Affairs -what happened to my name?? Re last comment x (indignant stance) x

Elizabeth said...

Where are you, dear Janelle?
I miss you
hope all is well

Tinus said...

Cool ty!! also check