Friday, December 31, 2010

resolutions plesolooshuns from the hill

happy new year y'all. i'm glad i made it. just. you? i've been thinking about the year ahead and i definitely want to dance more. i also want to sing more...and remember the words. which will mean i will never have to wear specs at a gig. they say (you know those expert Thems) that if you learn a poem a day, as in ALL the words, this will keep your brain fit...i used to know ALL the words of ALL the songs on carly simon's LP No Secrets.
"we had no secrets / we tell each other everything / about the lovers in our past / and why they didn't last / we share a cast of characters from A-Z / we know - um - a, um - a - dammit/" you see? gone. i THINK i can still do You're So Vain. but not here. it took me months to learn Blake's Tyger! Tyger! yes. so. learn words and sing. must find this LP again. it is intrinsically part of who i am. it brings back childhood memories. good ones. 1970's lilac suede tassels and singing to the blue distant hills in the lounge in lusaka to carly simon. and nancy sinatra...a very handsome italian tennis player gave my mother the carly simon LP outside OK Bazaars on Cairo Road. i sat in the car waiting for her. all she said to me when she got into the car was, " Don't tell Dad who gave me this record, ok?" i don't think i ever did...and i LOVED the LP. i still do. i kept the secret and the faith.
i intend to spend a lot more time in zanzibar...hangin' outside old doors, taking pictures of scabby old cats in stone town and eating at the market in the evenings on the sea front.

because zanzibar obviously means beach, i intend to look like this (starting from today):

oh. and i shall try and be more patient this year. i am the world's most impatient person...with everything...from queuing to love....i am too immediate sometimes for the world...which, i don't think is a bad thing but i mustn't expect everyone else to be as immediate as me...

and i shall continue to believe in majik, no matter how mad people think i might be...i shall make some wickedly good spells and visit a gypsy lady from time to time...i shall have no shame and believe in my convictions, which admittedly waver a million times a day...and change...well. nothin's permanent is it?

i shall try my hardest to accept myself for who i am...this is a difficult one because half the time (or maybe more than half the time) i don't know who i am. i change with wind and the angle of the light... i shall continue to love people deeply (and sometimes inappropriately) for just who they are...
(above pic by sam walker. it's delightful)

wishing y'all a stupendously wonderful 2011...may it be the best one yet. live it.
bisous X.X.X. deeply inappropriate red plum ones. x j


Dumdad said...

Just continue being you. That'll do for me. Thanks for a year of great, moving, funny, poetic, thoughtful (add more adjectives you want here) blogposts.

Bonne Année!

elizabeth said...

My darling Janelle
this was a splendid post
you just go on being impatient and going to Zanzibar

I told Robert you had a house there and he turned bright dazzling GREEN with envy

yes, we must all sing and dance a lot
and remember TEssa

hope your children are thriving and bold like you


ps come to see us in NY

Janelle said...

aw shucks! thanks DD! and greetings to you and yours too. x j

exactly elizabeth...not quite a house there yet but soon! i WILL get to NYC one day one j

Reya Mellicker said...

Who you are is magnificent. That is terrible grammar but I guess I'm saying YES, and HERE HERE!! More dancing, more singing, wearing specs on stage......why not?? Big ole bell bottoms, cigarette holders, bikinis. YES YES YES YES. Zanzibar? Please do.

I even like the idea of taking pics of scabby cats.

Do it all. Happy new year. love

Mama Shujaa said...

Heri ya mwaka mpya dada janelli.

I look forward to another lovely year of your delightful posts. They fire straight to the gut, most times.

I love that you kept your mom's secret and the faith. :-)


Mama Shujaa

Will said...

I sense a bit of questing in your story. Isn't it perfectly natural to always be On Quest? Songs, beaches, camera ... Don't forget a pouch for collected doo-dads and potions.

Happy Efforts & Travels!

Lori ann said...

well that was the best bit of resolutions i have ever read. i hope you do all those things times 10.
wishing you all the best in twenty eleven, and let me know if you can't get that cd, i'll send it to you (or maybe we'll meet in arusha or nyc, and i'll bring it!).
lots of love,

Celeste said...

Sounds like a great set of resolutions. Love the fact that you kept your Mum's secret :)
As for being the most impatient person in the world, never remember that as being one of your traits but I will definitely give you a run for your money for that title! Zambia was such a great lesson in moderating that trait.
When you do make it to NYC, make sure you add Chicago to your travel plans :)
Happy New Year.

Sergio said...

Wonderfull 2001.
happy new year! (and others too)

Just Another Savage! said...

A great big ole satisfying Ahhhhhhhh to you, cause I just stopped in and caught up with you. Always a pleasure reading you! Gonna meet you someday I'm sure!

Linda Sue said...

2011- My hope is a bareback ride through warming days and well quenched nights- Got to be better than 2010! We must make it so!
I had bell bottoms like that- they were blue , called them elephant legs, got in the way of actually moving well. You be Janelle- there is none other like you- You are awesome!

Angela said...

I like you, Janelle.

karen said...

Just dropping in to wish you a truly wonderful 2011 with much blogging, and visits to Zanzibar.. and thanks for the wonderful retro/forward looking post. Just marvellous!!

Janelle said...

thanks all you lovely blogging babes for your sweet sweet generous messages...with love and thanks x j

Val said...

i love it - fantastic plans for 2011 - no need to change - except with the light :) hope your year overflows with joy xxV

Mud in the City said...

Fab, fab, fab - I think the mantra for 2011 has to just be "more fun" in whatever shape that takes.

(and more cocktails too)

JoeinVegas said...

Wow, you sure do look good in a bikini (by now I'm sure)

Karen said...

Very inspiring!

I'm still puzzling out my resolutions (I will make mine officially on Feb. 2), but they sound something similar: be brave enough to be me... let happiness in (singing and dancing and that sort of thing)... practice compassion, on others and myself...

May it be a fabulous year for us all!

Dumdad said...


I've closed my blog and opened a new one, also called The Other Side of Paris. This is my new home:

Amanda said...

you rock janelle. happy new year and i'm all for loving inappropriately.

btw back in my english convent girlhood i had to learn the words to tyger tyger too. what is up with that?

family Affairs said...

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year to you all with much skipping and dancing and mouthing the words to pretend you know exactly what you are saying in manner of "Auld Lang Syne" or however it's spelt which nobody ever knows but sings loudly anyway......

Big love. Lx