Wednesday, January 12, 2011


and so big fat january rolls around, all hot and smug and the new year begins all over again. just like all the others.

life pretty much stays the same on the hill apart from all the auspicious numbers naming the days like 01.01.2011 and 10.01. 2011 and 11.01 2011. i can't wait for 11.11.2011 and will most definitely make a wish at 11 minutes past 11 on that day. i have already made a wistful wish at precisely 11.11 am yesterday, along with the rest of my diligent little class of year 7's. i'm not sure that it came true though. how long do wishes take, i wonder?

the bloody goat, who is this close to getting eaten (holding her thumb and second finger a millimeter apart), has taken to raiding the fruit bowl on the dining room table. if caught he dashes out, shoving the bananas into his greedy little mouth as fast as he can. drives me nuts. as does the lack of rain, which makes thunder and great displays all round us but never ON us. added to the menagerie on the hill is one python and one poor guinea pig. the python was rescued from the stubb's farm on the other side of the mountain. it had taken to eating their fowls and finally caused its own demise (imprisonment) when it attacked the pet rabbit who squealed horrifically in the dead of night and traumatized the smaller members of the family along with their mother. i certainly never rescued it. safari c did, with first born. it's his specialty, snakes. presently it sits in a glass tank of the veranda, turning its scaly nose up at the fat guinea pig which periodically gets tossed inside in case he gets hungry. nice. i won't watch. i can't. the Born Free ritual will be imminently played out...i think in the forests of monduli mountain. tati ( a neighbour and best friend) won;t have it released on the hill because it might eat her small puppies, which is a very real possibility.

other than that, i suspect i am suffering a mild to stern form of depression which i know is completely linked to a lurking mid life crisis, which, i have decided, is about the same as being a teenager again, without the pimples. full of anxiety, not sure of identity, quaking at the thought of love. love? what was that now? ooooooh yeah (like baldrick says it) that giddy wobbly feeling which steals all your words and makes an utter fool outta ya...oh YES!? i remember!? how silly silly silly silly of me. glib but persistent thoughts run through my mind, like a chopped up cine, of escaping my life and galloping off into the sunset, like a gypsy, on my spotty horse, and playing tambourines around a fire under a gnarly old tree and making my money by telling people's fortunes. how terrifying is that? best i stick to the safe job of teaching (and make rebels and revolutionaries out of the lot of them. oh i have decided that fidel castro should've got a few more spanks when he was a little boy...reading his bio presently) and training my horse to win the dressage in nairobi. at the end of this year. hopefully i shall compete against the 7 year olds and beat them.

must stop beating the kids at rummikub. i can't help myself. no one will play with me now..."but ma you always win" boring. (that no one will play with me. i LOVE and ADORE winning meaningless little games against the children. it makes me feel clever like a Champion of the World. these moments are rare in my life and winning rummikub was one of them. )

yes. best i stick to the old teaching job at school and get a buzz out of smoking behind the bus in the hibiscus forest, take some happy pills and forget about love and gypsies and things like that.

....or should i?

i'm still going to make wishes though. i bet they come true.

Kitchen Board: 12.01.2011

bombas are pipes...oh and i forgot to mention that things are rather tetchy in arusha presently. the opposition party is rumblin'..things are tense...maybe if the rain decides to come, tensions will ease? but this time, i don't think so. it'll take more than rain to ease the situation i'm guessing.toodely old toot, oh bestests, bisous X.X.X. wishful ones x j.