Tuesday, June 28, 2011


i think it's time to change my profile picture, it's been that long...into a grey haired lady who prefers gin to tea.
my mother's words echo in my head "The more you do the more you can do..." well. the less blogging i do the less i can do.
you see, i'm trying not to slather you in all the Real Reasons why i haven't been here. but fuck it. there really isn't much else to say but:

1. i have been working like a dog at school. the school year is almost complete. i have been up to my eyeballs in reports and marking exams. reports. hideous. really mr wamvita, find robert a job at the post office licking stamps and save yourself some money. he is genuinely crap at english. of course i can't say that....no....so therefore, this is where much of my creative talent has been recently sunk. it doesn't leave much for lyrical words here.

2. i have been raisin' children. and ten chickens. and ridin' hosses... i kid you not. everyone has been sick with this snotty cold from school. the entire campus is heaving with it...except me. iron woman. i glare at people from a distance and mutter "come no closer" wide eyed and clasping my hand over my mouth. this has worked. our house sounds like the mosquito net factory of a night - spluttering and coughing,..which brings me to my Next Big Thing Point. TANESCO. it's because of TANESCO, she whispers covertly.

there is no power to the nation, people. none. (and the rains failed dismally so there is not much water around either. all the maize died. this is not good) this is being typed powered by my generator. TANESCO (Tanzanian Electrical Supply Company) sent out a message saying further drastic cuts were to be introduced. it is clear, from the sporadic nature of the power supply, that no one is sticking to the schedule sent out. it is also clear that this might be a problem with no end. TANESCO has not said for how long these cuts will persist. oh well. as long as there's fuel.....roland said "everything will be fine when the americans come. they will bring power." when will the americans join? those filthy foreigners. lovely, when you need them, eh?


this ain't hyde park corner, no sirree....this is a blog. this is place where i Must Not Diarize.

kitchen board is not possible. it has run itself into the ground and safari craig has gone on safari with tous les cameras...everything will be down to memory now. a risky business....
so, bestests, i am still rattlin' 'round in the cupboard along with all my skeletons..
toodely ole toot y'all..bisous X.X.X. dark ones, on yer lips...hang it. x j.