Tuesday, October 25, 2011

beautiful things in october

(new twinkly sparkly)

a long time ago, when i lived in a city and i was sad, it seemed easily solvable. get out there and buy shoes, girl. but these days, these older, more womanly days, these sobering, grown up days, i live far from the long gone, coffee scented, smith street arcades. the thought of rummaging through mitumba's dusty piles of old shoes exhausts me.

all the news from the north of here makes my skin creep: the drought, the camps, the kidnappings, the kenyan defence force in somalia, the french navy bombing kisimayo, american drones, dead soldiers and the unblinking threats from al shabab breathing retaliation:

"...The Kenyan public must understand that the impetuous decision by their troops to cross the border into Somalia will not be without severe repercussions. The bloody battles that will ensue as a result of this incursion will most likely disrupt the social equilibrium and imperil the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians; and with war consequently comes a significant loss of lives, instability, destruction to the local economy and a critical lack of security..." Mogadishu (17/10/2011)

...it makes my skin creep. it makes me stare out the window for a long time.
a cloud covers my sun.
the breeze stops and my bird song is quiet.
there's a deathly hush. as though you're holding your breath.
my eyes blink in slow motion.
it makes me mad.
and very sad.

instead of shoes, these days i look for twinkly things that tinkle and sparkle and enchant. . . twinkly lamps, green glass wind chimes and other pointless pretty things. they make me happy. they make me fuss where to put them. i lie under the thorn tree and listen to the green glass tinkle, watching how the sunlight dances from ring to ring. i see us on our mountain top, you know, flags brave and unfurled, our arrows glinting silver in the sun, breathless.


Bill said...

We live in frightening times. But what we're witnessing might be the early stirrings of the pot.

As global temperatures rise and water becomes less available ... unrest, misery and starvation will produce more desperate regional wars and bunker mentalities of those still having natural resources.

Janelle said...

yes you are right bill. indeed you are right...still. x j

Mike in Yellowstone said...

There is quietly seething anger amongst the masses, angst and fear of what is to come, men leading quiet lives of desperation, social turmoil, crumbling foundations of the rule of law.......... just in the U.S. Now comes the cancerus spread of Somalia, then the mining of soda from Lake Natron, Subarus racing wildebeest across the Serengetti on freshly poured tarmac, and uranium to be dug out of the Selous.....and sold to who? China, Tehran, Mogadishu, Tripoli? I wonder if we will all still die with Thoreau's song in our hearts at the end. BUT it's been a glorious day in Montana and like dear Scarlet, I'll worry about it tomorrow.

Janelle said...

great comment mike! yes. just back from a splendid morning ride on sukari, my little young apaloosa...think i've got me a fine, fine pony. yes. i'll worry about it tomorrow. again. thanks. x j

Francisca Mattéoli said...

Dear Janelle, I do agree with every word you've said. When I arrived to France from Chile I used to think about pretty things to escace... Escape from loneliness, fear, sadness, regrets... all the things you can imagine. I dreamed that one day I was going to find peace and beauty again, somehow. I became a travel writer to escape, meet all kind of people, and find that peace in my heart. Thank you for those words & hasta luego, Francisca Mattéoli www.franciscamatteoli.com/blog/

karen said...

It is all awfully depressing, the world as we know it - and that Somali threat is very very creepy. Bill's comment is frightening, too. I think I saw on the news today that the world population is heading for 7 billion? At least those sparkles give a bit of hope and a temporary escape from it all..there is still a lot of good around, too!

elizabeth said...

So much depressing stuff to have fits about --not without reason too.
Yes, ride the lovely pony and look at twinkly things.
Sadly, life has never been sure and certain so one has to avoid the MEDIA whenever possible and concentrate on the immediate.
In my case cold rain and a friend from England who likes to WALK and WALK and walk.

ps. what happened about the invigilating broohaha?


Val said...

oh i love those glass circle dangle things - maybe an idea for my bottle mountain. I wonder how you do it?
I am with Scarlett too - can barely cope with my own stuff; its a beautiful evening here - ground lillies are comin up after wee bit of rain; sigh - too much trouble in the world; well its gotto increase exponentially with the population growth I suppose. Same shit just more more more and not enough enough enough to go round; As ever I feel that your blog posts warrant a conversation rather than a comment. take care xxxV

toomuchaugust said...

when we say "it makes me . . ." well, how cannot it not? and yet, how can we let it make us? i think about this a lot. how to take this all in and still be unmade.

a good good friend is a mercenary pilot doing things we don't read about. he rubs up against these which "make us . . ." all the time. i ask him how he keeps it from "making him" and he tells me he flies with hamlet in his cockpit and before he returns home each time, he lands in shannon, ireland. lights candles and prays.

wanting that last photo,



Lori ann said...

what can you do? i vote for the twinkly sparkly things, the world def needs more of those.
sending hugs and lots xxxxx to the little pink hill.

Retiredandcrazy said...

Yes, the world is a scary place, especially your part of the world. This is the reality that we live in today. I just pray that there is some way to change all this although I must say that I'm not confident.

family Affairs said...

Depressing. Twinkly stuff will hopefully save the day....Lx