Thursday, May 29, 2008

horses like sugar.

so i said at tea time. " i wonder if the horses would like sugar?"

today has been a beautiful day.

i cancelled my dental appointment. gabriella had her teddy bear's picnic with her school. she said it was her best day ever. i jogged and stopped and walked and didn't beat myself up about it. i walked and listened to some dylan.

daniel does not have malaria but a cold. phew. relieved. but he is addicted to his play station. and looks so handsome in his glasses. he looks just like his dad.

i have decided that i will play music next week. so i have confirmed two gigs and they are solo....i shall dedicate the week-end to the music.

i had lunch with mo who happens to be one of my favourite people in the world. she stopped me from doing it again. saying the wrong things. in front of other people. i sensed it.

we were having tea and eating chocolate on the verandah after lunch. the horses strolled past and i said "i wonder if the horses would like sugar?"

later in the afternoon we rode. gabby on sirrocco. me on rhino. all the kids came. and rode. jasper told me that horses knees are higher than a humans knees because horses legs are longer. all high and mighty with the late sun dancing in their eyes and what seems like all of africa flung below us.
baker dogs, doria dogs and bell dogs all met up in the schooling ring and had a fight. it was all action. colour. and shining shining life.
it seemed a painting.
so between horses, sugar, kids - my life - did i really dream this all up?
it's been a beautiful beautiful day.

The Kitchen Blackboard: Thursday Evening: 29 May 2008.

Contributors: Janelle & Gabriella

Comments: she was laughing so hard because i was pretending to be outraged by her saying " upyourbumandaroundthecornerstinkystinkycalifornia" - that great big belly laugh.


eliza said...

Hello hello....I need horses in my life!! Realised that when I read yours, and then watched the horse whisperer this morning which made me cry!! Here's to a weekend with whiskery noses, and a glass of something chilled :) xx

Janelle said...

well quite and ye shall have them up on your kilimanjaro coffee farm SOON SOON!!! what a blissful thought and something to look forward. horses are such soul soothers..kabisa! XXX

Miranda said...

Thanks! Bugger, I forgot to write on your board....ah well, next time!

Janelle said...

next time then.. and remember my disc too please! have you started a blog and you\re just not telling us, hmmmmm? XXX

Miranda said...

Ha ha! Not yet, I can't even think of what to write on your comments thingy-me-bob, let alone a whole blog to myself! I'll let you know if I do - promise! xx
Oh and I've put the disc in my bag...