Tuesday, May 13, 2008

updates and bug fixes (stolen from blogger buzz)

ok. its not even remotely funny anymore. not that it was in the beginning but you know, its day bloody four and am still camped out around the loo. dr sheriff (man with almond eyes) assures me the dawa will kick in after 48 hours. just to be on the safe side i emailed my dear friend doc juergen (fondly referred to as juergy burgy) in china. yes china. he assures me the medicine will fix me. and has given me alternatives in case it doesn't. he cited typhoid amongst the usual suspects ...more than slightly worrying and oh so terribly booooring

he also sent me some wacky photos of his life in china. one of them is a bunch of key rings for sale at the beach. see pic above. and if you look closely there are LIVE gold fish inside each plastic key ring...this should make Wife In The North (www.wifeinthenorth.com)
feel much better about her goldfish living it up in the lost city of atlantis... also take note of the shoes of the seller...she idled over and apparently hit juergen on the head whilst he was taking the photo (guilty as hell)...of course the fish would die from lack of oxygen.well. on her head be it when she finds out that there is indeed a god and god is a german goldfish . oh and another thing is, juergen doesn;t get to see this because the site has been blocked by the chinese???? bummer.
today life on the hill has been, from my point of view, from the sunken sick bed, horses strolling past my window, cats curled up snuggly at the end of my bed, the toilet, the shower, veronica bringing me salty rice porridge, the toilet, sally and the kids, my kids, the toilet, craig, one slender piece of chicken, the toilet, and now the lap top. no. its just not funny anymore.
i feel wiped out. literally. tommorrow tommorrow. roll on.


Chimera said...

I am so sorry you are still soo horribly sick. Maaan do I know how that can be. Typhoid? Amoebic dysentry? SOunds dreadful and I truly hope the dawa kicks in and you get better soon
Thinking of you,
T xx

Janelle said...

ah thanks tanvir!!! yes as you can see am on the mend..thank goddess of well being!!! and the dawa...phew!

tam said...

Hello skattie glad you are feeling better. LOVING your blog. kiss those starseed beings for me...

Janelle said...

tam!!! yay! yay! was wondering! thanks! loooooooooots looooooove xxxxx me