Sunday, June 22, 2008 brief...

ok. everyone is here. for three weeks. its MAD.


my father managed to bring THREE rifles from east london (in South Africa) all the way to Tanzania. (note use of capitals).

sister and family arrived from sinapore via nairobi in massoud's daladala after killing one goat and narrowly missing a pedeistrian in northern maasailand.

myrtle lies asleep in Myrtle's Bed. (and mentioned that it reminded her of the story of the princess and the pea (??)

all cousins sleep together in loft bedroom.

and, um, uncle fuzz arrives tommorrow....

send lawyers, drugs and money. (we have the guns)


i am missing my old life...but only a little bit.

toodely pip then


sod kitchen board tonight...its late.


lorix5 said...

Janelle, my god can i relate. i know that's why i think enjoy everymoment, even the not so enjoyable...because just like when our children are infants and we want the days to both hurry and stay. try to take little BREATHE alone opportunitys when at all possible. and then remember you will be back to routine and be missing these days! (sort of...ahhh!)
~lori said...

thinking of you. enjoy x

family affairs said...

Have a wonderful've changed your blog! It freaked me slightly because suddenly it looked like mine!! Would love to see photos of your family...image of your dad sounds great. Enjoy the madness. It will seem ridiculously quiet when they've gone. Lx

tam said...

Only your dad. Hilarious, how did he DO it? Have a wild time darling.

Janelle said...

pole lulu! only because no time to take pics..will do though will do! don't freak! xx j