Tuesday, July 22, 2008

" caught between heavan and hell..."

so i was driving down the road this evening ...after dropping the kids off at the kind, christian, PLAY-STATION-ACTIVE family for a sleep over... and i understood the pink floyd line "caught between heavan and hell", for the first time. it's a state of mind. rather. as flippant as a switch.

there i was driving into a paltry grey afternoon, with the last born, 5 or something, shouting at me because i didn't stop at the sunflowers outside the airport because she needs to see one close up. for the first time ever. i remember when i first saw her. in the charitable hospital, arusha, being scanned by a somalian gynae in a grimy grey cold dusty building, who was so shocked because i couldn't remember when my last period was. so i didn't dare ask him if this could possibly be an immaculate conception because i couldn't actually remember having sex.
and there on a flickering black and white screen was a heart beat. racing. clearly, beautifully, immaculately.

maybe i'm thick or something. it's taken me a while.

stuff kitchen board. boring. its two in the morning.

toodely and all...
bisous xxx
oh and ps. my car is fucked. completely. and apparently we are bloody lucky we didn't all die in a ball of flames.


tam said...

bloody hell. the angels again. I still have an image of the poor old man getting knocked over by the door opening.

Miranda said...

Ah that Gabby....

Bloody hell. Lucky lucky lucky you. And us.

Dumdad said...

Crikey, that was a near miss with your car! Phew!

Janelle said...

apparently so DD..check out next post...what a disaster...! thanks for visting..and read ON for car update...boys like that kind of thing....xx bisousxx

and yes tam..thank those beautiful shining robe clad flying corkers! read on read on...xx biss xx

and miranda..hurry up and come for cooking class..its CHOCOLATE today! xxx