Saturday, July 5, 2008

" let them eat cake"

(back row: liane big sister, myrtle the turtle sister's mother in law and dear friend, step mum liz, dad ron, first born pulling tongue. front row: nephew ant, seond born rubin, neice erin. not sure where last born was. or brother in law.???)

hello! hello! hello! so i'm back. from out of space, but ever so briefly. ever so briefly.

we are like a flock of gannets. we can eat an ox, an entire garden of potatoes, a banana plantation, 5 liters of tobasco sauce, 3 liters of sweet chilli and a lake of wine in one sitting. don't mention the scotch.

i am at a loss for words.

poor dad has been ill. asthma. so we had to dash into town in the night to see sweet dr patalia at the hindu temple. i had smsed him because it was after hours and the next thing he called us to let us know he was waiting for us at the hindu temple. how kind is that? it makes me believe in angels all over again. dad is much better but still weak. it's terribly frightening not being able to breathe, to fill your lungs with air... myrtle, (who now resides in the tent at which, dear readers, uncle fuzz turned his nose ...) also needed a doctor because of plumbing complications. i tried to warn (or rather remind) my dear sister, buzz (brother in law) and myrtle, that dr sheriff's rooms at first glance appear grim. GRIM, rather, with everyone and their aunty crowded into the dark manky corridors. but i think the first world has softened them somewhat and they returned home wide eyed, furious (some) yet armed with pills. whew. what next?

in fact, speech school. where our second born won SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR!!!! and received an incredibly glamorous glass award with mirrored writing. of course i cried and cried with love and pride. what a bloody great big shining gorgeous star he is....oh oh oh. he has done The Eating Tribe proud.

see images of first born and last born really really Into Speech Day below. The princess looks positively injured. mortified is an understatement. all my fault, indeed. we call this look mamba eyes.

and we had sports day too somewhere in between slaying a herd of sheep, harvesting a field of maize, cooking it all and eating it, safari to maasailand and speech day.

safari maasailand was a hit. thank god. we ate ourselves out of camp. the cook was shocked at our consumption levels and i know my bank manager is never going to believe me. like where all the money went. on muesli and cornflakes and sausages. kilimanjaro and meru put on fine majestic displays and everyones hearts felt full (along with our stomaches). the air was sweet and vistas wide and far and simply mind blowing. big sister and kilimanjaro below.

tommorrow we head to tarangire national park to camp and see elephant. kids are dead excited and we look forward to scaring the hell out of them.


oh and ITS MY BIRTHDAY TOMMORROW. all expensive gifts welcome. DHL operates into Arusha and Tanzania. (why does my family think i like practical ethnic things? i love, adore and cherish impractical expensive things.)

Kitchen Board: Saturday Afternoon: 5 July 2008 (day before MY BIRTHDAY)

Contributors: Veronica and Eliza

Comments: meet Eliza. ON RHS of pic. she is here to help whilst family is here and most likely will stay on. she is VERY dear. and VERY sweet. and we all love her already. here vero and her say "cheese" as they clean rice for our evening meal - curry. (i am over my crush on the indian restaurant owner)

toodely pip then to anyone who has been kind enough to hang about waiting for the next post...whoever you are, know that you are loved. LOVED. XXX

PPS: safari craig on safari. deep in the hinterland. somewhere west.
PPPS: a wild bunch of bees have decided that my loft bedroom is a really excellent place to make their hive and honey. wrong. doom and mosquito coils have failed to deter them, only infuriate them, which leads to me running through the house, armed with cans of deadly anti any flying insect spray (dear god. its probably why my dad has developed asthma) chased by furious bees attacking my head which has been cleverly protected in arctic wooly hats. but looks really silly.

sigh sigh. i wish the bees would leave. it makes going to bed quite another experience. one has to sweep aside hundreds of bee corpses and duck from their furious relatives. is this what god feels like, ernest?

even so. there is something quite magical about wild bees.... and in a strange way, i like it that they have chosen my room to "hove" in, for a while....
toodely pip. . . x


Dumdad said...

Welcome back and Bon Anniversaire for tomorrow to a fellow Cancerian(it's my birthday on the 10th).

Bees in the bedroom? I'd tell them to buzz off in no uncertain terms....

Chris said...

Am exhausted but so interested..... Cant really compare a quick zip up the M6 to Trafford Park with going on safari to a National Park!!!
Mind you there are some pretty wild creatures at a Debenham Sale these days, then of course there is always a chance of Monsoon as you go off to River Island ok ok who am I kidding just dreaming.

Janelle said...

thanks dd! yeah good to pop in for a while...will be back from The Bush on monday arvie. and thanks chris for visiting...x bisous x

Catofstripes said...

Hope you will have/are having/have had a wonderful birthday.

Poor bees, we had some make a home in the bathroom once. I felt so cruel to be killing them but we had guests coming, the sort that scream when they see a wasp on the horizon. I was weak and protected my eardrums.

Love to all the family.

tam said...

Happy birthday darling Janelle. Will think of something suitably frivolous to send with Sands and the girls.

You are so lucky to get those bees. Sweet reward for all your busyiness. Remind to tell you about my amazing bee dream one day...

Mickle in NZ said...

Happy Birthday Janelle, there is still about 30 minutes left of it here in New Zealand. All the family there had better have spoilt you today
Michelle & Zebby, the snoring cat

Ernest de Cugnac said...

janelle - how very perceptive of you; I'm sure God feels exactly like that. And Happy Birthday!! Hugs.

Millennium Housewife said...

You have been Tagged! Come on over and see what to do MH

Chimera said...

Phew! You are back! What a household of people who sound like they belong in a Moomintroll novel. Congrats to your son and a very happy birthday my dear. Bees are so important and significant! they hang out around godesses you know..Inanna, Isis, Hecate, Demeter etc.
T xx

Diana said...

Lovely! Wonderful!

Woe to the bees, though. Flattering though it is to have them think so highly of you room, I'd not think they'd lead to peaceful co-existance.

We've these tiny-tiny bees out here that are drawn to the sweaty places on your body, especially the backs of your knees, stinging most painfully (and then the sting welts so very large and itchy for days) if you have the bad manners to bend your knees and disturb them. Still, they don't seem to come in the house, so I'll take them over yours.

family affairs said...

so lovely to have you back - sorry to hear about your dad - great news with kids, loved pics of the ones not getting the award...they speak volumes! Sorry about the award. Don't know what to say. Maybe give me your email address and I'll send it as an attachment and you can try and cut and paste it that way. Weirdo for liking strange rose on a keyboard Lx

quatrepattes said...

Sorry about your dad, and happy birthday for tomorrow, you are so inspiring, just a short post you say?? I was riveted until the very end. You have a way with words like we are sitting on your beautiful porch with you in the lamp light as you tell us about you day,
thank you.

quatrepattes said...

just realised your birthday was two days ago, hope you had a good one x

Millennium Housewife said...

Hi Janelle! It sounds complicated but it isn't, especially as I think I rival you in the non technological arena...
So, think of five blogs you like to read, then go onto each blog and find a post you would recommend. Click on the title of that post so that it comes up as a single post rather than on a list. Then write down the address on the address bit of your screen, it should read something like this: but obviously contain the name of the blog you are reading and a bit of the title of that blog instead of yours!
Then, when you write a blog about who you are recommending, write the bit that you want to be the link, so if you look at mine it tends to say 'this one' or the name of the post, but you could put 'I'm talking about Ngorobob House' and use the title of the actual blog. Anything you like. Highlight the words then click on the icon that is add a tag (near the bit where you can change the font), it will give you a prompt to put in the html, so then you put in the address you have written down and voila you have tagged the blog. It means that if someone reads your blog, the tag will be in a different colour and they can click on it to bring up the blog you are talking about.
Have a look at mine called Tagged! and see, I promise it can be done, and will take you less time than me...
Let me know via my blog if you need further/better/clearer/somebody else's instructions! MH said...

dearest j, so sorry about your pa and hope he stronger now. sound like you havin wild wild time. continue to do so and love it all x

Janelle said...

thanks you all for stopping by!! bees have been minding their own business lately...kind of sad..but they are out there...and around..ish. good. and thanks for all birthday wishes...! had TWO cakes on The Day. love you all. x bisousx janelle

Ernest de Cugnac said...

MH and janelle - in case this is useful, you don't have to write down the address of a blog. When you click in the address bar, it should turn blue, meaning that the address is 'selected'. Now press down the CTRL key, and while it is down type C. Then let them both go. That copies the highlighted address into something called the clipboard (but you don't need to know that). Then follow MH's instructions about inserting a link, but when you click in the link insertion place, do a CRTL V and the address will be inserted for you (CTRL C is copy and CTRL V is paste). Easier than it sounds. And will work for all other window applications too.

ed said...


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