Thursday, July 31, 2008


just to let you all know that the house is full again of dear friends from zambia, their darling children and wonderful noise, light and hecticness... not a moment to spare for blogging...

more like "ok everybody. can you keep quiet for 5 minutes? oh ok for um one minute? BLOODY WELL SHUT UP WILL YOU!????" and stalking back into the kitchen as medievil racousness breaks out joyously in my wake.

quick updates:

sirrocco's (the old war horse) stitches are out and wound has healed beautifully.

my car is now being rewired as we speak and can't wait to get it back.

safari craig is home and buried underneath gadgets, punctures and such things. . .

polar bears are no joke. it has been freezing.

i have started running again.

arranging a huge party for tommorrow night for all my utterly divine friends. and think i shall go out and buy snacks....instead of cooking...whew... or maybe cook in the large big round black pot over a fire. yeah. that'll do. straighten hair so i look like jen as in arniston - heavy locks to throw about. make an effort and all that malarky.

not smoking is not an issue. not smoking is not an issue.

i watch my thoughts and monitor them - swiftly removing the bad ones. practising hard at this.
the universe is responsive. the universe is responsive.

dare i say it, my second album will happen. oh MY GOD.
swiftly moving on. don't dwell there...just in case and all that.

i suspect i am a grown up now. finally.

toodely pip then and of course, bisous - mingi. xxx j

Kitchen Board: Thursday 31 July 2008:

Contributors: pam, miranda's famous artist mum and one of my most divine guru friends ever.

Comments: what IS that inside his sister?


Chimera said...

Have a wonderful time and I I would like to know how I can get hold of your first and now da da daaaa SECOND album please!
Love to all and love to you,
T xxx
Smoking is NOT an are doing brilliantly!

john.g. said...

Where's my invite?

Dumdad said...

Have fun!

tut-tut said...

Sounds joyous at your end of Internet! Have fun, but don't let whatever is inside his sister, out (or maybe you should, on second thought). Album?!

Bush Mummy said...

Janelle - I've nominated you because you add a little light to my life.

BM x

Ernest de Cugnac said...

I join chimera in wondering about this second album thing. You have a *first* album? Where? When? What? and so on.

Janelle said...

heyn y'all! thanks for lovely lovely comments and everything. yes. am a singer songwriter when no-one is looking...first album called Serendipity.,...wrote and performed most of the songs...recorded in arusha...its SWEET....there is an entire story - sort of 1970's James Bond movie set....ANYWAY - have a bag of new songs and we are about to start pulling together another album. send post boxes and can send you a copy of first one....eeeeek...Bush Mummy - am about to go and see what you have nominated me for!? THANKS she says in anticipation...ooooergh.

Diana said...

My, you ARE busy, aren't you? Albums and mayhem and a house full of laughter.

Have a wonderful time!

Reya Mellicker said...

Serendipity? Can I buy a copy somewhere? Sounds wonderful. Please?

Also need to say I just love medieval raucousness when people visit, and the peace that follows after they leave.

Have fun! said...


MoziEsmé said...

Keep up that not smoking mantra!

Janelle said...

thanks diana..yeah sure am...and now its sunday and i feel like i just walked into a wall...nothing like a good nights sleep to revive myself!
reya - i can post you one! box number?
and moziesme - thanks for visting! and i so am keeping up the not smoking janelle

family affairs said...

Just popped in to say a quick "hi" before I'm off again - good for you with not smoking - I know the feeling - no of course it's not good for you but I bloody love it and I know I shouldn't and I gave up for NY this year and it's boring not smoking and then...everytime the children disappear I turn my house into a smoking's pathetic. I wish it wasn;t bad for you...i'm just too childish to think I don't still look cool when I smoke! Going away with non-smoking friends tomorrow so attempting to smoke 20 tonight on my own in effort to feel sick and never want to smoke again - oh and I'm training for a half marathon so it doesn;t really helo. HOW COME YOU ARE GETTING SO MANY BLOODY COMMENTS THESE DAYS??? Have fun with lovely friends Lxxxx

tut-tut said...

Let me know where to get a copy of your album, please!

Janelle said...

hey tut tut! difficult..the last ones are sitting on my shelf in my office...any ideas how i can distribute??? I could post you one? reya wants and so does me your post box on and i can post you...
and lulu!! divine to hear from The Travelling Gypsey Lady...god the smoking is SUCH a major bloody thing...jesus...but i don't want to be a fat smoker which i will be if i start again...flip. so not going was too major a thing to stop...flip flippin flip! HAVE FUN DARLIN'! xx bisous xx

ed said...

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