Sunday, August 24, 2008

swiftly moving on .... my most inspirational evening ever and a responsive universe.

the gloom and doom of my previous post has been bothering me. still. it had to be said. and looked in the eye. anyway, done. for now. and thanks for bearing with it.

because of recent events I have felt blusey this week. ish. only ever so ish. and whined on to my spaghetti thin riding buddy tati, that i didn't ask a lot out of life, but oh how i loved to meet inspiring people. people who light my fire. people to celebrate. people who can dead impress me. not a lot to ask for. i am easily impressed. ask my kids. and not counting pilots and doctors this time round. and definitely excluding my children. who are simply, Everything To Me.

well. whoosh. the universe cast her juju, and one lightening strike later, i find myself pootling into town, in seven o clock traffic in down town mbauda, to join my dear dear friend jules to meet her brother, the only member of her family i have not met. not to bang on about traffic jams, and other worldly inconveniences like that, i must insist, the traffic was diabolical and i felt entirely discombobulated ( i LOVE that word.)by the time i reached the curry restaurant. bicycles weaving their way in the haze of black soot and dust and hooting and daladalas darting back and forth, my headlights star gazing and i can't see an effing thing. my night vision is appalling.

eventually i walked into the warm red light of the curry restaurant, my night vision permanently damaged from being blinded by everyones bright beams, and looking not too dissimilar to a giant eagle owl after being thoroughly viewed by a spotlight. there julie presided over a table of men. who all stood as i approached the table. daunting really. as i am shaking everyones hand i notice one of the gentlemen is blind. completely. his name is john. as our bowls of tikka masalas and rice and naans crowded the table, we exchanged pleasantries like :

me: and so what do you do john?

john: (humbly, head to the side, listening): oh. um. i'm an amateur scientist.

me: about to follow up, with interest when someone cuts the conversation short (i know! dead rude i say) and says - are you still swimming competitively?

john: yes yes (quietly) um i like to keep it up. actually i have just completed an open water race, 50kms in the Hudson.

me: starting to gape.

rude interrupting person: but weren't you in the paralympics in barcelona?

john: (quietly and almost uneasily, yet with grace.) yes yes. i was.

another rude interrupting person: and did you win anything?

john: in fact yes. 8 golds and 2 silvers

me: slack jawed gaping.

first rude interrupting person: and how many races were you in?

john: er, ten.
me: face in chicken tikka masala.

and the following morning he was beginning the climb up kilimanjaro. i mean. how lucky was i to meet this most incredible person? who appeared so humble, yet had overcome huge obstacles to achieve such athletic greatness. it was a large and hearty kick up me old jacksy.

i got home and googled him. it got even Better! see below:

Former UCI Swimmer John Morgan Elected to U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame
Morgan won 13 gold, 2 silver medals at 1984 and 1992 Paralympic Games
May 14, 2008
IRVINE, Calif. - Former UC Irvine swimmer John Morgan has been elected to the US Olympic Hall of Fame.
John Morgan won 10 medals at the 1992 Paralympic Games in Barcelona. In Barcelona, Morgan set six world records and two Paralympic records. He won a total of 13 gold medals and two silver medals between the 1992 Games and the 1984 Games in Los Angeles.
Morgan, who is blind, set 14 world records in his swimming career, including five in the B2 classification and nine in the B1 classification. He currently holds nine world records in the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA), eight International Paralympic Committee (IPC) world records and eight Paralympic records.
Morgan was named UCI's Most Inspirational swimmer in both 1986 and 1987. He represented the Anteaters at the PCAA (Big West) Championships.
Morgan will be inducted to the Hall of Fame June 19th at the Harris Theater in Chicago. The 2008 Hall of Fame class consists of John Morgan, volleyball player Karch Kiraly, wrestler Bruce Baumgartner, runner Joan Benoit, figure skater Brian Boitano, boxer Oscar de La Hoya, equestrian J. Michael Plumb, basketball player David Robinson, swimmer Amy Van Dyken, shooter Lones W. Wigger Jr., figure skating coach Carlo Fassi, figure skater Carol Heiss Jenkins, special contributor Frank Marshall and the 1996 Women's Gymnastics team (Amanda Borden, Amy Chow, Dominique Dawes, Shannon Miller, Dominique Moceanu, Jaycie Phelps and Kerri Strug).The ceremony will air on NBC Saturday, July 5, 2008 at 11:00 a.m. PDT.

I went to bed with a full, glowing warm blooded extremely grateful heart and my faith in a responsive universe, well in tact.

And if that wasn't inspiring enough: meet lorenzo the flying frenchman, if you haven't already.

I Love Lorenzo. I Love Lorenzo.

enough of all my tweety bird stuff...and onto more manly things like The Kitchen Board.

Kitchen Board: Sunday Evening: 24 August 2008
Contributors: Veronica, Janelle, Rubin, Daniel and Gabriella.
Comments: Three Of The Most Inspirational People You Will Ever Meet. and quite possibly three of the most beautiful people you will ever meet. not being biased or anything.

toodely pip and bisous xx janelle xx wishing oodles of inspiration upon you all.


Lori ann said...

Dear Janelle,
that was wonderful. i love the way it works, right?, the universe... i think this person was put in your path(or you were put in his) because that's what you look for,positive inspirational people. your babies are as good looking as my own 5 and i don't think that too often! ha!they are truly gorgeous. yeah, life is good.
x lori

tam said...

I think that there ole uni-wors (one sausage) is cashing cheques very fast right now. Something to do with recent eclipses. Man those kids are gorgeous.

Miranda said...

Man, she really pulled that one out of her universal hat, huh? Considering you're so easily impressed? And Lorenzo? LORENZO? Ah. sigh.

tam said...

Oh, and don't worry about the 'gloom and doom' as you call it. I believe that we must stare into the shadows. What we resist persists and all that... youre a brave brave lass and don't ever doubt it. Perhaps your inspiring meeting was also to show you that - you have such resources in you. May you never have to call on them in THAT kind of crisis. xxx

Mickle in NZ said...

Wow again. John has achieved wonderfully, especially staying so gracious as all those others came up to him, blurting in on your conversation.

I might have got it wrong, but you 2 were attempting a pleasant conversation that was incredibly interrupted? An inspiring Woman and an inspiring man get to have a yak, Ahhhem, manners please other grown ups. Let each Person speak for themself, learn about another, and choose what they want to say and have known about their own self and achievments to others.

Yes, I'm ranting and raging, getting stroppy. Doesn't happen often.
Care and concern and many huggles

Chimera said...

Blimey. What a bloke! (blokes) And as Tam are quite a chick too!
A weary today but sending huge love and may the universe sweetly persist in setting things up around corners!
T x

Reya Mellicker said...

They're definitely three of the most beautiful people I've ever seen, and no doubt they are inspirational as well.

Janelle, your post on darkness is one of the most powerful essays I have ever read. Thank you so much for that. I am so grateful.

I agree Deepak Chopra is an idiot. For heaven's sake. Why is he so well thought of?

Also want to let you know I received a wonderful package in the mail just yesterday. Fantastic! WOW!! May I email you? If so, email me?

Janelle said...

lori! yeah me too! i love the way it works. and karibu to the blogasphere (sp?)

and tam - thanks for your lovely comments..! and your love and for being my soul sis along with mo.and for your wisdom and insight. whoa. xxx

mo! - well. you know. you just rock baby. you just rock.

tanvi! i KNOW! he was amazing. so gracious and humble and massively inspirational...i felt sooooo lucky to have met him.

mickle! hello! yeah. well. at least the rude interrupting person got him to divulge his achievments to indelibly impress me! XXX

and reya, thanks. and so glad you received the package. have just emailed angels are so beautiful. so beautiful. xx janelle

Val said...

your children are so beautiful! and I am sure the inspiration is symbiotic between them and you :-)

wow - john hey? the stuff of greatness.

john.g. said...

WOW some person is he!!

Janelle said...

hey val ! yeah. HOPEFULLY. sometimes i wonder. and indeed WOW to John.

John G: yeah! WOW!

Bush Mummy said...

Janelle fantastic post and truly serendipitous (is that a word?) to meet someone like that and so humble to boot. I am in awe just reading it.

Your post on darkness rings bells. I live in downtown Shepherds Bush and we have a serious crime problem in this city. I know that taste of fear well but refuse to let the bastards get me down..

Tres beaux enfants.

BM x

family affairs said...

Amazing to meet somebody like that in the flesh....lovely to be catching up on all your fascinating news as ever - and thanks for all the comments whilst I was away - big love Lx xxx

Mud in the City said...

Times like that when you do feel the Universe knows far more than you do! A touch of serendipity perhaps (another good word!) - and a priviledge to meet such fantastic people.

Lisa L said...

I'm glad you're feeling better - have loved reading your blog and felt I should introduce myself ;) Your kids are gorgeous!

Janelle said...

Bush mama - thanks for visiting! yeah i bet you deal with similar things...xx

Janelle said...

lulu! nice to hear from you and to have you home for a while!XX janelle
and Mud - yeah love the word serendipity...called my first album serendipity. XX
and lisa - thanks for visiting. and indeed. i think they\re pretty gorgeous too! XX janelle

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