Saturday, September 20, 2008

dust angel sings again, briefly.

so the dust angel dragged herself from the dust last night and went to a singer song writer evening in town to present two new songs...solo. with the three kids in tow. my band was called The Dust Angels, so i am, obviously, the singular thereof. the angel part is not any deluded reference to my kind self, you understand. dust on the other hand, is entirely applicable.

it was a great evening, with some wonderful performances from all sorts of people in our backwater town. magere the rasta man was there, from Warriors band, and sang a sweet song called "Scandanavian Girl". the title sent twitters through the crowd, much to his delight. the rasta boys always attract the young girls from europe. because they look so cool, especially when jammin' reggae on stage. magere is a great performer. and a wonderful person. when he saw me last night he said "eh malaika ya vumbi! where you been, baby?" (dust angel in swahili) i love been called baby at 42. like when i went sailing around zanzibar a few years ago, and the young, very young (they looked about 12, and were most likely 20? 21? or something ridiculous like that), very delectable crew of this spectacular old schooner, called me "princess". i looked levelly at them and retorted, " baby, i think its queen to you...", as i leapt off the dangrously high mast into the sea below..but that is quite another story.

my friend bob finally sang his incredible "Summertime" which has been in the making for the last 25 years, or so he says. bob is something else. he has played with tina turner, a long time ago. he looks like a blues man from a smoky blues bar in new orleans. he has some stories to tell. he's lived a varied life, if you can say it like that. and the biggest dimpled smile. he has taught me so much about performing, writing, rehearsing, music. and bob can rip some notes on an electric guitar when you're not looking...when we played in nairobi the girls were shouting "we love you bob!" he had worn a white muslim kanzu (dress) , the muslim kofia (hat) and a pair of Nkrumah sun glasses.

marcello sang an amusing song about having to write a song for the evening. flo sang unaccompanied - her african woman voice soaring into the quiet stars.

david seng'enge, who should be seriously famous, performed his guitar instrumental (Dreams) with Liza. liza has played motzart concertos in Carnegie Hall. seriously. she is an utterly brilliant musician. what she is doing in arusha, god only knows. she runs a music school called umoja. (liza in action on RHS) . i always think of her in an amythest taffeta gown, bowing deeply to a packed Carnegie Hall, her old violin at her side (its like 18th century of something) with roses flying through the air....get it? instead. here she is in arusha......go figure.

david (below) is studying music and helping to teach at the school....that man knows the guitar more intimately than himself, i suspect. the guitar seems like an extension of his heart. he listens. and i love the way his great cheeks shake when he plays with every fibre if his being. and the way his fingers race up and down the fretboard, knowing each nuance before the notes themselves. david should be famous. i wish i could say to the world, " i give you david seng'enge". I give you David Seng'enge.

and i sang New Leaves and The Photograph. my fave lines from new leaves (a song about bastard exes) are:

who do you think you are?
acting like some crummy superstar?

i get such a kick from singing them. aren't they so bad? nothing "deep" about 'em. very gary glitter. but, i think they work. they made people laugh last night. at least.

and how about:

did it ever cross your mind?

you see. i am made for backwater towns.

Kitchen Board: Sunday morning: 21 September 2008

Contributors: Veronica, Darth Vader (think he morphed out of the tv screen).

Comments: its a long list for monday. aargh.

wishing everyone a wonderfully chilled out sunday. and the best week ever ahead. listen to your dreams. pay heed to your thoughts and words.. toodely pip and bisous bisous toujours xxx janelle


Miranda said...

Ah Janella. You are not made for backwater towns. No no. you and your music rock. I kid you not. But glad you are here in this backwater town with all these discovered and undiscovered greats. What a place we live in. Perhaps one day Bono shall say "I give you the Dust Angel, Janelle Doria" We'll try harder to lure him next time he's in town.

Dumdad said...

Wow, how cool is that. I wish I could sing and perform like that but even the plastic duck tries to drown me when I sing in the bath.

Rock on, superstar Dust Angel!

tam said...

I think being a world famous muzo is over-rated. I think the real worldclass gems who rock small towns are the real real angels and I'm proud to know one of them.
love you darlin, and wish I could book one of those wee kitties.

Webradio said...

Bonjour Janelle !
Je suis "atterri" chez Toi en arrivant du Manoir de Willow !
Je découvre Ton blog... Il y a beaucoup à lire !
Je vais revenir Te voir...
A plus tard !
Janelle Hello !
I "landed" You, arrive at the Willow Manor !
I discovered your blog... There is a lot to read !
I'll see you back...
See you later !

Val said...

jeepers what an event - I wish I'd been there! recognise some of the names fromyour CD line up so know it must have been something amazing. PS also love the drums on yours. CD not paper thin yet....
I agree with Tam bout the real real angels :-)
having a chilled sunday so far thanks - hope you are too,

Lori ann said...

hey, we have light sabre on our list too!

janelle, i wish*wish*wish i couldve been there. i can't do one thing musically but you make me wish i could. i can't wait to hear your new songs. ex stuff is funny.
xx lori

tut-tut said...

Oh, it sounds great. What great photos. Did you record anything? Post a bit if you did! That music school sounds very interesting indeed.

willow said...

Hello! And thanks so much for your kind comments over at my place. :)

Willow x

Mud in the City said...

Wish I could have heard you! Very impressed with the singing ability - backwater towns certainly don't deserve my tuneless warblings!

Chimera said...

Hey there you with the house full of mewling kittens! I too would have loved to have been there but I do intend one day to hear them Dust Angels singing! Hope you are rested and well and glad Bob still in the picture.
T x
p.s. saw your comment on Fleeing Muses and trust me, there is a way to GET RID of the letter verification nightmare. (Hell for all especially visually impaired dyslexics!) Just can't rmemeber quite how...
T x

Reya Mellicker said...

Oh I love the pictures! Is this the violinist who played on your first CD? Fantastic! And great to see you, so angelic, if slightly dusty (who would want it any other way??)

Bravo! Wish I'd been there.

family affairs said...


Ernest de Cugnac said...

Good stuff janelle, hidden depths hey? Let me know when it's on You Tube (I mean it).

Anonymous said...

yeah YOU TUBE, perfect idea Ernest...jenellikies, do it man..your fans are waiting. we all love ya! beansxxx

Janelle said...

hey y'all! thanks for all kind words and encouragement!
beans???? man where you been for so long?? i don't know how to put it on You Tube..will investigate when i have time...
really thanks you all!!
bisous toujours...XXX j

family affairs said...

Have popped back to cheer you up from your hangover - I need the lyrics to your song about bastard ex's - it sounds perfect for my next "attitude" meeting. You forgot to add Geoff to your list of animals - what gorgeous kittens Lx

Anonymous said...

Hi Janelle,

Been reading alot of great comments on your music, how can I get your cd? Merci!Joëlle

ExAfrica said...

this is the the best board ever!




Janelle said...

hey joelle...send me your address and i can post you one!
seems that's the only way...need someone to market for me...!xx janelle

Anonymous said...

Janelle! Thank you so much! I am sooo eager to here your music!
Here is my address:
Joëlle Salah
3350 rue Coderre
St-Hubert, Québec
Canada J3P 4Y3

Mille mercixx vraiment

Janelle said...

ok! x j

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