Tuesday, November 18, 2008

wild horses.....

hear the distant flutes
which pull the soul
from my center,
with galloping hooves
over distant dust plains
to dizzying heights;
torn from the lead dead weight
of physicality -
from this tired body.
i am there -
above the buzzards,
where wisp clouds
are frozen
in breathless blue;
where the air is thin
and light is all -
i have left it
spiralling upwards from
the last embrace
the last breath.
your warm hands on my face.
in a flash.
it was so beautiful i could've died.
back and speechless. really.
back and piled under comprehension tests.
back and just bought a little eighteen month apaloosa colt called Sukari.
and an apaloosa gelding called Fancy Arrow.
(where are they going to sleep? the bed's too small)
i am officially addicted to safari life on a horse.
so heart and mind are still somewhere out in the vastness of maasailand but the body is back home and at school. not sure what's left for blogosphere.
i fear that if i don't say something now i never will again.
so. yup. like gary glitter i'm back i'm back its good to be back. did you hang my picture on your wall?
so from a sleepy vaquera, bisous - dusty horse ones....xxx j


tam said...

Wow so exciting you cowgirl horsegirl gypsy chick rhinestone lederhosen schoolmarm you.

tut-tut said...

I think I'd have trouble staying in front of the computer if I had a vista like that. But I'm glad you did.

Val said...

hey appaloosas!! you are going to have SO MUCH FUN with them :-)
cant wait to see pics x

Dick said...

Exhilerating stuff. I'm right in the heart of horsey territory here in North Herts, but they confine themselves to ambling slowly through the lanes, waving imperiously at passing drivers (the riders, that is.)

Dumdad said...

Gary Glitter? Perhaps not!

Mud in the City said...

Glorious! I am SOOOOO jealous!

How spotty are your horses?

Chimera said...

Like Tam said! And love the photo. Pics of them all when you can please please!
T xx

Janelle said...

hello! hello!
oh they're very spotty. de la rey (and he's not afrikaans. he's apaloosian) looks like he had a fight with a black paint brush. sukari (means sugar in swahili) looks like he sat in a tin of white paint then got someone to make black spots on top with a permanent marker.
you asked!
swiftly moving on...
what? a recession?