Monday, December 1, 2008

crazy moon...

...the moon sees nothing of this. She is bald and wild... Sylvia Plath

so safari craig called us from our monday evening busyness (i wrote it with an "i" but then it doesn't mean the same thing at in each being busy in our own things) to the door.

we looked up, all crowded around at a crescent moon perfectly framed by jupiter and mars. (well some say its venus but it looks dusty and red to me, so i say its mars. bets are on.)

safari craig says, " you can't have two planets so close together, man!?"

"who says?" i think. who says?

all crowded together, my children so close to me. me secretly smelling them. and loving them. and watching the moon and knowing how desperately fortunate i am. i have everything to lose. everything.

how perfectly extraordinary.

and i saw one of jupiter's moons. safari craig doesn't believe me. but i did. at two o clock. it was hard to see in the binoculars because the planet was so close to our moon.
it was hard to hold my little camera still. sometimes i didn't. most of the time i couldn't. so the same picture above came out as a three moon shadow below....

it made me think of this philip larkin poem called Far Out.

Beyond the bright cartoons
Are darker spaces where
Small cloudy nests of stars
Seem to float on thin air.

These have no proper names:
Men out alone at night
Never look up at them
For guidance or delight,

For such evasive dust
Can make so little clear;
Much less is known than not,
More far than near.

i, on the other hand, am deluded enough to think that most things as in people, animals, weather, plants, hair length, birth, death, love situations, you know, Things, are mystically influenced by, amongst a world of other Things, the position and alignment of the moon, stars and planets. how, i have no clue. yet i am so sure of it. and i have not yet begun on love matters and looney moon Things to which i am hopelessly devoted.

that and chocolate.

Kitchen Board: Monday Evening: 01 December 2008

Contributors: Janelle

Comments: you see? shopping all done this morning. some things we forgot, though. because maybe we were talking too much. or acting too clever in the bank which made us lose the shopping list...

tooooodely old pip then. bisous. oh yeah, crazy moon ones. lots ...xx j

oh and ps. how could i have forgotten? i thought of you when i spied this beautiful new blog, by eliza that i know you are all going to love and be totally be inspired by. she's a new girl in the blogosphere....take a peek...
she's a travelin' gypsy princess...

and pps: i also forgot to tell you how i nearly had a punch up with an octogenarian at the restaurant opening after too many vodkas and being overwhelmed with joyousness. oh yes. it was over capital letters. he was incensed.

righto. off really now.


ppPs: which made me wonder if you even get past the Kitchen which case...

right. i'm gone.

21 comments: said...

beautiful moon. x

Ernest de Cugnac said...

hey, nice pix janelle. Much more artistic with a bit of waving around. And you can certainly see Jupiter's moons with binoculars. Depends a bit on conditions etc, but, yup, I'm sure that's what you saw.

Bill Stankus said...

I've heard there's a moon, stars and planets ... betwixt the gray skies and rain, occasional fog, and of course, the tall trees - I would have to drive some distance to actually see these things,

Janelle said...

eh memsahib...i know! are you looking at it too? hope so...xx

ah thanks ernesto. oh of course it was one of jupiter's moons...silly him. x

oh bill there are indeed. there are. millions of them. keep driving...xx

tam said...

YES! isn't it beautiful? Its Venus, doll, venus!! and that is an earth shadow on the moon, known as Leonardo's glow or some such, coz Leonardo was the first to explain it.
and also

and i reckon it means an opportunity for great sex!

tam said...

Oh and Bill, the thing about this one is its visible from any lightpolluted city. ah well, too late, ya missed it.

Reya Mellicker said...

I took the same picture from Washington DC tonight, right after work. It's a slightly different angle, but the same moon, the same planets. They were all 3 so bright, they stood out vividly even here in the city.

I love knowing that we gaze at the same moon, Janelle. Very cool.

alex said...

Yeah I noticed it last night too! So bright and sparkly and lovely. The planets were to the left of the moon here in Wyoming. I knew it was Venus but wondered about the other one...
why do you need to buy heart stealers when you have three perfectly good ones at home?

alex said...

how come my name isnt a nice blue like everyone elses?

Janelle said...

tam! thanks for correction..! and explanation..bonkar would be very proud of you! wasn't it beautiful? xx j

ah reya me too! our planet isn't THAT big... xx j

alexi!! oh i need more more MORE...and i don't know why you aren;t in blue darlin' weird? nxxx

tam said...

alex its coz you're not a blogger. Get with it man.

Val said...

loved loved loved the moon last night! through the binos it was just breathtaking. wanted everyone to see it - amazing how many people watched. fantastic that.
burned the image onto the hard drive of my brain so i can go back to it whenever.
I've seen jupiters moons thru binos. and i like the second photo better. the config was different when we were looking which was just above tree level.... rhinos walking past in the dark.xx

Mud in the City said...

Smiley moon! How lovely.

karen said...

your visual moon scribbles are very creative!! most beautiful..and thank you for the Philip Larkin poem.

and, reading beyond the kitchen board, smiling at the image of the irate octogenarian! :-)

Lori ann said...

Yes, we saw it here too Janelle, at first wasnt sure what we were looking at(my head is a little foggy from this cold/flu)wish i'd have thought to take a photo.Still its in my brain like Vals. minus the rhinos.
i secretly smell my kids too.
xxx l

tut-tut said...

Capital letters!? It sounds like it could have been quite a dust-up.

The sky above; it's an amazing world.

love your poems today

Janelle said...

rhinos in the dark? wow. and under that planetary alignment...beautiful. xx j

hey mud! yeah. smiley indeed ! xx

thanks for popping by karen and lori hope you are over your flu/cold?? xx j

Dumdad said...

Lovely pix - but then I'm a Cancerian and ruled by the moon....

Janelle said...

me too. x

Tessa said...

I'm an Aquarian but I'm not sure what rules me. Prolly nothing. Funny though, because I too saw the moon. At noon. Well, about an hour after noon, but noon and moon sound sea and sand, y'know? There it was, like a sideways smile, up there in a blue, yes BLUE English winter sky. It looked welcoming. Cold, but welcoming.

I love the glow on the firelighters and heart stealers. In fact...well...I just love everything about your blog. It makes me want to dance in the rain. Thank you.

Adrianne said...

Hiya Janelle -- long time, no talk. I love the moon pics and the poem, and I totally agree with you about the role of our celestial friends when it comes to life here on earth. I'm also glad that you managed to avoid having to clock the octagenarian! (: )

P.S. For the record, I always read what's below the kitchen board - just like I always read the last line on all those blasted Tut notes. Pathetic, I know.