Saturday, February 21, 2009

an unfortunate aardvark and other things...

(pic by tira shubart)

greetings! (as she dusts off her spanish leather boots)
or better still, Howdy! (to the clink of spurs and spanish leather)
yes. i'm back. and waving madly truly deeply back at you.
(whilst she packs her cowgal annie get your gun persona very quickly and tidily away)

there were starscapes.
cowboy songs sung. (at times the words escaped us)
decent amounts of whisky drunk.
hardly a "silent safari". (what was i thinking?)
my head and heart feel even more beautifully befuddled.
than ever before.

isn't that The Point? her wayward guru self muses.

we almost bumped into elephant in the desert thickets,
escaping delightfully, thorns tearing into my arms.
we stumbled over black volcanic rocks with the sun beating relentlessly on our backs and necks.
with the horses trying to tell us they weren't dik diks. and failing.

the wind blew dust into my eyes. and made them feel scratchy and used.

pepper ticks seethed, making my skin itch, the horses irritable.

each finger had a dark slither moon under each chewn nail.
i love my hands like this.

or, on the other hand, scrubbing and washing was unimportant....

as i have already mentioned to my most beloved mind, i pretended i was riding the rio grande, escaping bandito mexicans and stealing injun ponies.....(see the feathers in the spotted one's mane, intricately and lovingly woven over time)

(pic by j. doria, famed vaquera horse stealer of the northern desert wastelands)

she lived her cowgirl dreams. in a way.
oh and i haven't told you about dirk.

dirk. whose entire life revolves around elephants (primarily), other wild animals and their language. at the moment, dirk works with a ten year old elephant, who i shall meet, next time i pass through those tangle wood haunts. he will not teach her to carry people, in case he has to leave. his love is tangible. dirk looked after an aardvark whose hind legs had been permanently crippled in a snare (if i rightly recall). dirk slept all day and awoke with the moon and the aardvark. he would lift the aardvarks back legs and wheelbarrow it around all night, while it hoovered up termites. he tried to make a wheely thingimabob, (to replace himself) but it didn't work out. only him, his heart and his back worked. what happened in the end? well. the wildlife department didn't quite approve.....and dirk's back was crooked.

dirk can play his guitar and sing for an impressive eight hours solidly without repeating one song. his repertoire is legendary. he plays the irish drums too. but needs to work on his percussionary confidence...
(pic by eliza deacon, notorious compadre of wanted horse stealer doria)

(a rendition of Like A Rolling Stone...)

actually. i have been back for a while. but have been horribly sulky and unreasonably petulant about being back on the hill and picking up the domestic reins.

read on.

The Terrifying Kitchen Board: Saturday Night. Late. Feb 2009.

Contributors: of course veronica. because i would be completely useless. i would have the family eating crushed light bulbs or something.

Comments: monday monday monday. the list will be dutifully crossed off. with germanic precision and anal joy. and we shall have nutella. lashings of.

tooodely pip, You. wild tumbleweed kisses, x x x , desert ones. j


Dick said...

Welcome home, Calamity! Cowgirl dreams, indeed. The picture needs a frame, or at least enshrining on the sidebar. Good to have you back at your keyboard for some Tales of the Purple Sage.

Lori ann said...

Great great pics, love the images of camps and whiskey and dikdikhorses and i love those hands too, they mean adventure, the best kind...

so glad you had a great time!

xxlots of love,lori

Val said...

so glad you are back - even if you are not (glad) :-) fabulous pics - love the feathered mane... it just looks so right!
omg the ardvaark story!!! dirk must be pretty cool...
haha good luck with the blackboard!!! kids must be so happy to have you back at the reins xx

Janelle said...

thanks dick! yes indeedy, tales from the purple that! x j
hey lori. thanks for popping by. my favourite kind of hands too...when i see those very manicured ones i just know that they don't do very much. how can you live without using your hands? x j

hey val! great to hear from you. oh dirk is SO cool! kids seem to be happy although i think they had much more fun with miranda!! she was knackered when i returned home! shame. what horrible news about those baddies at the road block eh? sorry to hear it...sis. lots love xxx j

Elizabeth said...

The spotted horse!
the adventure!
You make our life seem terribly tame.
I follow your adventures with glee.
and what a long list on the kitchen board!

Eliza said...

Hey babe, guess what i've been listening to since...could only be...that old angel from montgomery :) And dreaming of our nights on the mountain. got to get out there again. thinking about a next weekend raid, sat night maybe? time to wet the roof of casa blanca, and we can always stay with dirk...early sunday morning ride? missing my horse!! xxxxx

Tessa said...

Splutter, splutter, eerk, urrgh, aaagh.

No, I'm not the least bit jealous.

Love the Spanish leather boots. They look good on you .....and you look pretty darn good in them, too, girl.

That, Janelli, was a very perfect safari. Now I shall go and curl up in my fox hole and sulk until summer. And I hope I smell really bad and have dirty fingernails when it finally arrives.

karen said...

how gorgeous! i think being a famed vaquera horse stealer suits you! :) x nb. word veri is cool today - "doggess"(?!)

nuttycow said...

Great to have you back and I'm glad you had such a wonderful time!

Mud in the City said...

Great to have you and the spotty one back! Wide open spaces, fresh air in your lungs and dust in other places...


Reya Mellicker said...

my head and heart feel even more beautifully befuddled than ever before.

Janelle your heart is clear as a bell. Befuddled? Well, isn't that part of the job of the heart? I think so.

Beautiful pictures, especially you on your horse. You two are more than a sum of your parts, beautiful!

I bet in some other lifetime you did ride the Rio Grande. As for cowboy songs, it's the tune, not the words, that count. At least I think so.

Welcome back!

Janelle said...

thanks y'all for the welcome back. trying to drum up something more to post but, well, it seems to be a vast white flat treeless snowy landscape out words. at all. humph. so i wait a while. love love j

family affairs said...

That is SUCH a wonderful photograph Lx

Janelle said...

ah thanks lulu darling! my friend tira took it. happy you're back! x j

ed said...



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