Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ngorobob hill reports.

the rest of the world as i know it (namely people living on the hill, and a few rich ones in the valley below) have all gone to watch The Mumbai movie...the one which won academy awards very recently, apparently. how the devil did it get to a house in the dorobos so quickly? even before the cinema in town?

i, on the other hand, am not at the mumbai movie. obviously. i sit at the dining table because my lovely personal private office space, which i love with a fierce, almost unmentionable intimacy, has been colonised by a band of likely candidates for lord of the flies participants and their barbaric side kicks. a famous grouse clinks comfortably next to me celebrating the fact that i am bloated with a gratifying smugness and irrepressible elation for:

1. completing my school reports ( a fortuitous opportunity to practise some creative writing and push the boundaries of mind numbness....) "abdi seems not to be enthusiastic about our expressive art classes. perhaps his shyness or his complete and utter loathing of the subject (or lack of even one teeny weeny creative original thought), has lead to his worryingly authentic take on jack nicholson in one flew over the cuckoos nest. his perseverance is overwhelmingly lacking. thank-you abdi...." and things like that. do you think the headmaster will get suspicious when the entire class scored "average" or "below average"? (apart from my pets of course - all A's A+'s, of which there are only two). i thought i was terribly kind about my A Level Lit student though. what a slacker. and if she dares arrive chewing gum and dotting her "i's" with empty little circles (fush. for you. and knows more structural terminology than me, well. quite simply, she shall have to be shot. thanks dora.

2. not losing my temper (ish) with the children and managing half successfully to vaguely convince myself that they were, indeed, beings of pure light. even though they have forced me to leave my sanctuary. little bastards high on their cyber fixation with lord of the rings.

and, in third place,(third My Big Thing Point Place) for being absolutely right about the fact that indeed the Universe is completely and entirely responsive to my important needs and predominant thoughts. it has the uncanny knack of knowing that if it doesn't give me the thing i need most immediately, i will implode and become unforgivably ( and even more frightening,) unforgettably ugly. nobody likes a scene. not even the jolly old Universe, it seems.

deeply elated. oh deeply.

Kitchen Board: Wednesday Evening (get it right, this time blogger man) 4 march 09.

Contributors: veronica (and the people who fnished the tomato sauce)
Comments: simple. a bottle of tomato sauce. easy. and it's wednesday. hurrah. over the mid week hump. tommorrow is an early start. second born has decided he is arragon and he will ride to school on his horse, sirrocco, for world book day. which is tommorrow all over the world people. not just here. there is no way he can possibly read or have read) lord of the rings, but he's watched it. and watched it. and watched it.

toodely toot toot, You. bisous, great rollicking elated ones X.X.X.


SafariB said...

Yeah! It dawned on me too!! Wednesday.. that means the week is nearly over!!! YAY!

You write brilliantly Janelle.. :) xxx

Reya Mellicker said...

This is so truly hilarious. I would have loved having a teacher like you. But, you didn't really offer these comments, did you? Here they would never allow it, though it would be so great if teachers could tell the truth.

Love the picture! Is that you dancing?

Janelle said...

hey you safari b. indeed, its, oh, thursday! hurrah! good to hear from you. and thanks for the compliment...thanks. been looking at the wild wonders of europe....gosh. there are some INCREDIBLE photographers out there. absolutely beautiful. well done you! x j

morning reya. no ways. never wrote such things. i had to be even more resourceful than that. and say "nice" things...which was usually possible. they are sweet kids. it was saying the same thing twenty times but in a different way, which was challenging. indeed. it is i! dancing in the night. its an old pic and think i have used it before...but i like it. i like the angel flying behind me. xxx j

fush and chips said...

Loverly post Janelle. Wish I could have ridden my horse to school, I had to make do with a skateboard.

Woza Friday!

Dumdad said...

Had you had a few Famous Grouses when that wonderful photo was taken?!

Miranda said...

Janelle? Point number three sounds rather ominous! If it has anything to do with what we were talking about yesterday!

Janelle said...

thanks tim. a skateboard? hope you lived on top of a hill then. x j

DD. of course! flying like a grouse! x j

no no no silly. of course not. nothing to do with what we were talking about everyone's going to want to know and we'll have to lie about it....heh heh. xxx j

Mud in the City said...

Well done - you've achieved more than I have all week!

Roll on the Famous Grouse this evening.

I wish I could ride to work, but I don't think they'd let a horse on the tube.

Lori ann said...

Dance or ride yourself over to that movie! you will love it.LOVE it!

thats one of the best photos in the whole world!!

oh, and i'm glad for your 3 things,all points considered ,Yay!


karen said...

i LOVE that photo! glad to hear of great, rollicking elation somewhere in the world!! your report comments did make me laugh...

ed said...



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