Friday, July 17, 2009

gone to the beach...

i've gone to the beach, oh bestest beloveds.

" kiss me and smile for me
tell me that you'll wait for me...:

but i'm not leaving on a jet plane. we are driving 7 hours in an old green toyota landcruiser, carrying a very large, very heavy generator. which takes 4 large men to quiveringly lift.

crossing the pangani river will be a challenge.

the pontoon (ferry) is broken. again. so we have to cross by boat. with the generator. and then most likely the rest of the way in an old green landrover.

so toodely then. see ya 'round like rissoles in a week.

Kitchen Board: Saturday Morning pre departure: sometime in july

so tooooooodely ole toot, you....miss ya already ..bisous X.X.X. white sandy beachy ones...pouf! x.j


family affairs said...

Have a wonderful time - I'll be away for a few days - hope to catch you before my BIG trip. Lx

Elizabeth said...

What bliss to go to the beach!
send photos soonest

em for mighty said...

good travels

Tessa said...

Zanzibar, no Pangani, right? Heaven on earth - we stayed at Argovia. You going to Maziwe? Anyway have the most wonderfully sunny sandy salty seashell soothing moments ever. xx

Lori ann said...

Have a wonderful time. lucky.


Chimera said...

Oh have a wonderful time and be careful with that crossing and all things! Would ove to come with you and maybe..maybe...
Loved the post about Bob! So very funny...(not mastering English..) I giggled lots.
Much love
T xx

tam said...

I once saw a tractor in a dhow crossing over from Manda to Lamu.

yummy. Give love to Craig and the totos

Mud in the City said...

Looking forward to the sandy tales!

Reya Mellicker said...

Hope you had a great time at the sea. I could hear your singing voice when I read the lyrics at the top of your post. What a voice.