Sunday, September 6, 2009

cowgirl dreamin'

you know it's been a good week-end when sunday night rolls in and your finger tips have tough little callouses from steel guitar strings and the top left hand corner of your right hand thumb nail has a black smudge from strummin'. your legs have a deliciously tired ache from ridin' hosses and your voice is a little whispery from too much singin', talkin', smokin' and tequilla. yeah. i guess it's been a good week-end.

the socks ruffled 'round my ankles need a hasty pulling up to my knees, ready for monday.

friday night: "Parents Welcome Evening" chez ecole. i dress in black and paint my lips bright red, scaring my kids and anyone else i zoom in to kiss. i left a trail of bright red lip marks on random cheeks. (i wasn't kissing parents, you understand) parents diligently sought me out though, already wanting a low down after only one wobbly week of teaching their little darlings. i mean, what can one say after one week? not much. oh yes. he could be a genius but then again, maybe not. maybe not. i stuck by the rules and stayed off the hooch. i drank one red bull to keep me awake and smoked one cigarette behind the bougainvillea bush.

the moon rose and i left for band practice at tom's fruit factory, bouncing down rutted roads in the old land rover, carefully circumnavigating wee hedgehogs scuttling across my tracks, under the rudely beautiful light of the bald moon, my guitar propped up next to me in the passenger seat and me thinking unusually wild and windy thoughts. i love driving at night down sandy tracks when the moon is out, my window open and the smell of grass and dust and night.
the fruit factory isn't what you think it is. peaches and pears perfectly created by machines and robots. oh no. it's a little quaint building in the middle of a fever tree forest twinkling with stars and the rippling calls of nightjars, where tom and india dry fruit in nifty wooden boxes. the room smells of apricots and summer. we've renamed the band Side B. well. things have changed, haven't they? i drove home late, when the music was done, the moon was low in the west and my mind a hummin' hive of bees, notes, scribbled words and peelings of love.

saturday night: the gig. at a private house, which had twinkly lights strung over acacias, a fire blazing on the lawn, a bar heavy with hooch and a crowd wide eyed and expectant. a glossy magazine party. last night i was, naturally, terrified but swiftly remedied this with gulps of fine tequila. it's always worked for me. firewater. i sang my heart out and even ventured to lift my eyes and smile. i couldn't hear a blasted thing. the monitor decided to be a bastard and not work. heaven knows what we sounded like....i have a vague recollection of the road home. through the karongo. where one dark night i am sure the banditos will be waiting.

sunday past below me in a cloud of dust whilst i cosied up with my writing pal in her little stilted tented abode, nestled underneath the western slopes of mt meru with gobsmacking views across maasailand, sipping minted vodkas, idly watching auger buzzards hanging on the wind and putting the world to right. fiercely and truly. n stringing together clever little analogies of love and shopping: window shopping and walking on, or actually going in to look and try and then, ouf, if the shoe fits then, well, you can buy them or balk at the price, hand them back and swiftly walk on down the road without looking back. she raised her pretty eyebrow and said, "everything has a price, you know." my eyes became round and owl like and i was quiet for a little while.

she's off to paris next week.

and this cowgal's off to bed. with the wind rattling the tin roof and the moon sadly and sweetly framed in her attic window...

even cowgirls get the blues. sometimes. even cowgirls.
Kitchen Board: Sunday Night: early september. 09.

see ya 'round like rissoles.
toodely ole toot, y'all. bisous X.X.X. luscious red lipped ones, x. j


family affairs said...

What a gorgeous weekend you're such a twinkly free spirity red lippy rock chicky thing. Brilliant. One day I will be at one of your gigs. Lx

ArtDesigNature said...

REALLY enjoy reading your blog Janelle. [found via What Possessed Me about 4 months ago] You have a charmingly unique way of expressing your perspective on life! Always interesting...

Montreal, Canada

Lori ann said...

I'm so glad you were careful for the hedgehogs and that you found your voice. of course you did. my niece, a singer, says red lipstick gives you courage. or maybe it was you have to have courage to wear red lipstick. well, you my dear have it in abundance.
lots of love xoxo♥

Jeannie said...

Your posts make my heart ache for something and I'm never sure what - the freedom, the beauty of the place, the music...Perhaps just the ability to portray the world around as beautifully as you do! Keep on singing, and yay for red lippy!

PurestGreen said...

Fruit stands and firewater. Sounds like a song to me, or a great name for a biography.

nmj said...

Exquisite. All of it. x

Mud in the City said...

Is it possible to have a cyber concert one of these days? All of us, all over the globe, all sipping tequila (some at inappropriate hours of the morning!) rocking along to your magical singing?

Janelle said...

oh yes lulu, she says clapping her hands delightfully! wouldn;t that be FUN FUN FUN?? hope your day proved a little more uplifting than yesterday and hope your dad is recovering? lots love x j

michele THANK-YOU! i ADORE p's blog. always so inspiring. going to check yours out now. but thanks for leaving such a kind comment. thanks! x j

thank-you lori darlin'! sending you much love always xx j

hey jeannie. thanks darlin'. yeah. yeah. i know what you mean. glad you zone into that yearning. sometimes i think i'm just too greedy. i want it all and i want it now before the whole shithouse goes up in smoke, as jimmy morrison so aptly wrote...X j

agree purest green! great title. thanks for that! will consider it seriously! xx j

why THANK YOU nmj! means a LOT comin' from someone like you. XXX j

heh he mud...a CYBER concert...? i think y'all need to come and explore tanzania and we'll throw in a gig along the way...much more fun! lots love xx j

SafariB said...

speechless J...

PErfect. You just get better and better! Seriously wow... pulls at my heartstrings.. makes me homesick.. makes my heart soar... makes me smile... makes me nod.. and all of the above and more..

yay yay yay for you being just you and for sharing a part of that with me.. us. You make the world a richer place :) xx

Mama Shujaa said...

You reeled me right into your night; it is like a fairy tale, maisha yako my dear. Even with the terrible drought.

I've not been to your place for a while, been finishing off some projects/work. Now, in a mellow groove, I am glad to be in a position to indulge myself in your lovely posts.

I am reading Purple Hibiscus and have cried already, even though I'm only at page 70. You've got a great reading list for this year, eh?!!

Mingi love
Mama Shujaa

ewix said...

So you snuck off and had a ciggie behind the bougenvillia --good for you!
and red lipstick too

I always follow your adventures with great delight.

Reya Mellicker said...

What a weekend! Sounds like perfection.

You know Janelle is the power of your bright shiny soul that makes you scary, not the red lipstick. Still I had to laugh, thinking about it.