Saturday, January 16, 2010

ridin' high.

this cowgirl is back on her horse.

she has remembered how joyous it is to trot and canter across the black cotton plains, with donkeys following her, the shrill greetings from the maasai women telling her to go faster and faster, the warm wind in her hair and the smell of horse. and gun powder. (ok. scratch that one out. but just pretend, ok?) yes. she has remembered this.

oh my. how simply sweet and beautiful life can be.

right. back to real life.

i have been a taxi mom the entire week-end. and it's not over yet. when one makes these sort of committments, it's best done with music in your ears so you can't hear the " that's my place" "give it back!" "thump!" "waah". every now and then you have to do a blind swipe into the back seat hoping to connect with anyone really. they're all involved you see. if this doesn't work then you have to actually unplug, stop the car, turn round and shout "WILL YOU ALL JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP! christ." this used to work. now everyone just stares back blandly and sort of mumbles "ag sorry ma." and we carry on.

so, this week-end first born is with the christians. i think he has actually gone to church this morning. i hope he knows what to do and behaves appropriately. i know the others don't.
first born RHS.

second born is with the rwandans down in njiro. miles the other side of town. both parents were in hotel mille collines during the genocide, hiding from massacre and managed to escape to belgium. second born is best friends with their son. i received an sms from the dad a few minutes ago saying "Morning. They want to continue to play. Your son is very kind. Nice day. Francois." oh how my heart swells.

third born went to a hindu princess party. in full regalia. smelling of pink icing, channel no. 19, nylon, dust pink marshmellows, stiff lace and all things sugary and sweet. of course i couldn't find the house. was forced to unplug and grouch "but you've been here before!? obviously you have NO idea...sigh sigh...." until niamh spotted the gardener hanging three pretty white balloons on a gate. third born returned home all sticky and high on sugar. then passed out on the couch, dreaming hindu princess dreams, while i drank wine with my spaghetti thing riding pal, tati, and spoke of love and other such things.

driving home yesterday, plugged into transporting music ( . this should make you want to cry and cover you with goosies. if it doesn't then there has to be something wrong with you.) , i thought what a wonderful thing it is for the children to be so culturally at ease - how good it is that their world is so varied and extraordinary. even if it means i have to take on hour long traffic jams in the process. the music suspends you above the jam. above the world. stops you from throwing The Finger left right and center. stops you from shouting " you stupid *()&^%$ ^$&*!" and other similar pleasantries. music makes me think of things more pertinent. when you're plugged into music, the crazy mad world around you melts into a movie. and everything is fine. just fine. just.

sunday bakes outside my window. shimmering and hazy with the rain from yesterday. cicadas swallows wild flowers. a smudgy world full of potential, of things unspoken and undone. sometimes i think i can hear the grass growing. in the early hours of the morning. when the owl sits on my roof hooting in a rainy grey dawn. i hear him scratching on the tin roof. i love it that he is my alarm clock. i think it magical. most people around here don't. if an owl sits on your roof, with the alarming regularity that this ones does, it means someone in the house will die. nice.

it's sunday. and summer. and my heart is full and overflowing. unusually so, all things considered. it being sunday and all and my regular owl visitor.

full heart box to be ticked at 6 this evening.

so toodely bestest blogging babies. bisous X . X. X. hot sunday summer ones x j


Lori ann said...

i can smell the gun powder, it's easy to pretend with you janelli.

your writing, your life, never fails to take me away, make me laugh, make me wince. kids really pull it together if the f word is reserved for critical moments, heh?

i know how good it felt to get that text, that's the best validation that there is something your doing right, great even. I'm sure all your kids are really nice. and i know their beautiful. and now i'm done. :)

Lori ann said...

forgot to say that owl myth has got to change, owls are wise and effing awesome.
forgot to say LOVE LOVE you. HUG, Lori ♥

Dumdad said...

Another great fantastical jaunt in the joyous world of Janelle.

Owls are great. An owl in French is "un hibou" but is also "une chouette". And chouette means great, smashing in the phrase "c'est chouette!" I have no idea what on earth I'm trying to say here!

Have a great week!

Reya Mellicker said...

So glad you are finally all the way back home.

Your children are extraordinary of course. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

Love the idea of a blind swipe across the back seat. Oh yeah.

And I bet your hoss is glad you're back in the saddle again!

Welcome home. There's no place like it.

Janelle said...

thank you lovelies. yes. i think owls are exceptionally special. c'est chouette vraiment, DD. sending love and thanks lashings of xxx j

Nancy said...

Love visiting you Janelle. You write from the heart and that is very engaging. A blind swipe in the back seat? Oh yeah, been there. It never ceases to amaze me how the everyday issues are the same no matter where we live - late to a birthday party - sleepovers - a visiting owl.

Mud in the City said...

Harking back to my classical education now, but isn't the owl the emblem of Athene - goddess of wisdom, skill etc? Surely that's a good thing?

Miranda said...

That is a CLASSIC pic of Danu. Hilarious! said...

oh how i love your stories. your first born and the christians ... isn't there a funny story there about one mum, who shall remain unnamed, reading her own first born the nativity story in the departure lounge of an international airport ...? Happy New Year x

pam said...

Glad yr back - yr post make me feel good

pam said...

That should read "posts"

SafariB said...

Your writing is simply breathtaking.

Janelle.. you leave me spellbound. I love every ounce of your post(s). I predict that you will be a Booker Prize winner one day soon - very soon!!

Hee hee and Daniel's photo! Oh my!


Anonymous said...

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