Thursday, May 19, 2011

devil moon...

(not my find. not my picture. found on

so it's that blissful time of year...the changing of the seasons....when winter sneaks in...all crisp and shiny. that's how african winters are. and the yellow flowers: deep blue skies in twilight and perfect hovering midnight blue butterflies delicate on yellow flowers. i love it. everything in me stirs accordingly. i eye the fireplace feeling sorry for the spiders all happily ensconced at the top of the chimney.....but not for long.

whoever said red was the colour of a heart or love? it's yella, i'm tellin' ya.

with this whimsical shift, come others. i've been told that i post too many pictures these days. that i write for an audience. that perhaps i should be writing a book instead. that perhaps i'm ignoring an audience. go figure. all said very kindly, you understand. and in many ways, i agree, naturally. but the truth is i don't feel good enough. i don't feel Wise enough, really. but then do you have to be Wise to Write a Book....? perhaps it's more to do with courage. i think you have to be courageous enough. and cut through all the bullshit. think of all the writers you love. their bare assed skeletal writing....those lines that you wished you'd thought of because they're so perfect?

i think you need a good enough story. a conglomeration of perfect ideas.

i love the idea of forgetting the kettle's on. i love it that it was a chore to walk outside, into the dark cold night, to feed the black dog, bella, and when i looked up, there the moon was. there was a reason behind the chore. something made me see the moon. all crooked and yella. and i felt very alone. which didn't matter either way. but i felt it. that's what matters, isn't it? and that's the truth.

sometimes i drink not to feel. ( and this isn't a postsecret situation.)

(or an unhappy one...or a lie.)

so if i post about frivolous things, that's ok too.

i want to eat pasta and cream and mushrooms.

and you.

Kitchen Board: Thursday 19 May 2011: Ngorobob Hill: (no TANESCO. generator pumping the power. )

oh and bestests, there is the biggest power failure in Tanzania to date....check it out...
hopeless situation all round....but onwards and upwards...just like that ole yella yeah.

toodely pip, y'all and keep on can't be too precious about these things... bisous X.X.X. sneaky winter ones, behind yer ears. x j


Elizabeth said...

Oh, I think you should write a book
and I like lots and lots of pictures except not of snakes
dead or alive.

Don't take any notice of 'helpful' comments
from anyone

The other day someone said that the pictures on Buster's blog were crap.....
I was very insulted.

Your blog is great.

Bill said...

Too many photos? Nuts to that!

Some time ago you and I talked (emailed) about you writing a book. And I understood the rationales ... But... forget the stereotypes of what a writer is or isn't ... you've got the talent, words and stories and that's more than a start point.

Besides, your blog stories are superior to many, many published books.

Janelle said...

aw shucks thanks elizabeth and bill! me old bloggie mates...that's encouraging...x j

Red Dirt Lattes said...

I love your blog as well.
I was recently talking to a published writer, both memoir and novel. I thought she would chuckle when I mentioned I had a blog, but she said, "Oh, how wonderful! A blog is such a creative space."
Yours to with what you will.
Write a book, post pics, write for an audience, don't write for an audience. Doesn't matter, as long as you are creating something.

3limes said...

I know exactly how you feel. just keep on writing lady and forget about the rest. Write because if you don't you won't see the moon, your eyes won't see so bright, your pulse won't quicken, you won't feel alive.

Celeste said...

Too many pictures, writing for an audience?? WTF?? Surely the whole point of having your own blog is that you post what you want and write however pleases you? Just keep on doing what you do Janelle, your blog is great just as it is.
Glad the moon is providing you with some light even if Tanesco isn't! :)

Val said...

your blog is sublime in every way Janelle - i am a huge fan! If you had your blog printed up now and again that in itself would make an awesome literary and visual event. try i think they do it. you are a bright shining star in the blogosphere - never change

Dumdad said...

Ever onwards!

Lori ann said...

val is right darlin, there is no one quite like you and your talent, and that's a huge compliment.

i like yellow too.

Angela said...

Yes, just print your blog, no "story" or plot is necessary, only your impressions of the moon and what you wrote on that blackboard, and all your flurry ideas. Go on, don`t wait. Self-publishing is not so hard. Ask Crystal Jigsaw, and Nicky from Absolute Vanilla.
I like yellow, too.

karen said...

Hi Janelle. Your blog is fabulous, just the way it is, and any book made from your blog would be amazing!

I've just been catching up all the way back to Zanzibar - what exquisite photos, and your Marie Antionette story really had me smiling!

Good luck with those long power cuts, and enjoy this beautiful time of year!

JoeinVegas said...

We are so used to the electricity working and water all the time and a big grocery full of food that it is another world to read your stories.
Thanks for sharing

Mark said...

photography and beauty and love and stuff...

kitchen board says, pull the power and fill a moonlit sky with red, green and blue rockets with yellow stars.

family affairs said...

R u busy writing your book? Where have you gone?? Hope life good Lxx

Reya Mellicker said...

You definitely do not have to be wise to write books. Whoa ... there are so many out there written by total idiots.

If you do write a book, I am in line to buy one in the first printing. Will you sign it for me?

Miranda said...

Here I am commenting.

I love your blog.

But I want another post now. So I can comment on it, see.

Elizabeth said...

Where are you.
Need update soonest!