Saturday, October 6, 2012

poetry, birds and saturday afternoons...

the girl and i were supposed to go away for the night.
but things happened so we stayed home.
home where the wild wind blows and the horses are frisky. 
i'll take tea under the thorn tree.
i'll watch the dogs chasing crows and the lanner falcons race by.
i don't like my little water rant from yesterday. so please excuse me. 
i am posting this in haste to forget about it, then. 
i thought i'd share some poetry instead. 
if you can bear it.

smile (aug 2011)
there’s a smile that slides onto my face
from the side.
(i think.)
it spreads then slips away.
i’m  not sure if it’s born from inside
or outside of me.
but there it comes,
like a bird’s shadow on the plain.

a little wave passes through me –
curling furiously through my stomach
whirling sometimes faster and faster
shooting out my palms like fountains…
birds fly from my chest.
feathers float in my head,
making me ultimately
quite useless,

toodely toot, y'all. bisous. X.X.X. perfectly poetic ones. x j.


Robyn said...

writing is great-rants and all.

toomuchaugust said...

what makes you? the smile that edges in, the feathers? love the birds flying from your chest.....i have those, too, but your poem was the first i knew about them.