Sunday, November 18, 2012

english department meeting on the hill.

You told us about your near death experience.

You said you floated away from your body, like flying, light, away.

“Did you even see your body below you?” I asked wide eyed.

No. No. You said looking up at the ceiling. It was like flying. . .

I got there, to this place. It’s very, very green….and these children. Yes children everywhere…all in white, shining… you know, just playing and twirling, spinning over there, in the green.

…Yes there are the hooded people…Over there….They look sort of lost…They walk alone. They keep their distance. But they are there, the hooded people.

I hated the hooded people. I thought you were talking about death but then I decided they were probably in the shadow lands. You said you came to a fork in the road, an almost heaven this way hell that way T junction.

You stared ahead, remembering.

…and these three…that came to get me. “This is it,” they said “don’t be afraid. It’s all going to be ok. Come!” they said happily… ay, they were very cheeky, very friendly, very convincing you said; they could have been demons. I was going with them. For sure. It was so green.

…my grandmother stepped out. Eh, she was kali, man. She held a stick and told me to go back. She was very – stern…Kali, kali sana.

It was so – green.

Then you went quiet.

She says to you, “Are you tearing up?”

Yes, you said, holding your hands over your mouth with your eyes closed.

You very nearly died.

Everyone went quiet.

Afterwards, we laughed remembering how W so badly wanted to see the ghost in my office. I loved your stories. I loved your humour and impertinence at the sexist notion that women with rasta hair make bad wives.

really. i couldn't work with more beautiful people.

Kitchen Board: Speckled Sky Sunday: November 2012

toodely toot, y'all. bisous. X.X.X. fresh spring rainy ones, all about ya x j


Linda Sue said...

How Curious! How timely! The hooded lost or confused- perhaps they are the "haunters", perhaps they are the mysterious orbs that turn up in photos regularly- It is SO green where we live - maybe this is heaven...maybe I am dead.

debra said...


Elizabeth said...

Loved this post but the one before it even more!
Ah life without before or after power.
The only thing that scares me are the scorpions......
you do write beautifully!!!

Farasi Safari said...

is a little paranormal, ghosts few during the time that I read; you are brave sharing things like this. your photos get better and better, wouldn't surprise me to find angels inn soon or later...

Reya Mellicker said...

Gave me a shiver - a powerful shiver. Wow. I've dreamed of the after place. In my dreams it's a clean, sunny spa-like place where the people can bathe in clean water, or rest, read magazines and such.

I love you, Janelle.

Janelle said...

ah thank you kind blogging pals. yes. it was an extraordinary story and told with such heart and remembrance. x love j

JoeinVegas said...

But she came back - saved by Grandmother

Anonymous said...

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