Wednesday, December 12, 2012

i'll be seein' ya...

i remember a calm but concerned juma in the film 'Out Of Africa' waking up the beautiful meryl streep whispering urgently " Wake up, mama. God she is coming," when the coffee barns were burning down. this is what i felt when i saw the storm approaching on tuesday afternoon. it rumbled and flashed across the steppes, threatening all manner of disaster upon the little pink house on the hill. it was very godlike and very impressive and very beautiful. when it finally arrived, as night fell, it was gentle, benign and quite frugal with its gift of rain. i think it even ran out of lightening, just like Tanesco rather. but we're all very thankful for the soft rain, nevertheless.

in less than two hours i fly past the mountains and to the sea. i am unhooking myself from  hill life temporarily and swopping it for a shoeless beach life.  i can't wait to walk the white powdered beaches, to watch the palms sweep the stars from the rooftop at night and to sleep with the sound of soft waves licking the beaches, dragging dreams in with the tides.

so from the little pink house on the hill, i wish you all, oh bestest blogging babies peopling the world over, a wonderful christmas and new year.

i'll be seein' ya in 2013.
until then, grin and bear it. . .hooah.

Kitchen Board: 13 December 2012

toodely toot, oh bestests, bisous X.X.X. the best ones yet...x j


Bill said...

That's ah awesome photograph picture.

Wiggle your toes in the sand for me too.

Elizabeth Wix said...

Thank god for a a gentle storm
wishing you a merry and peaceful Christmas
hugs from New York

envy you the beach


Linda Sue said...

2013 sounds too far away...I realize it is only a few days really but 2013 sounds impossible- I am still way back in the seventies somewhere! That is an incredible shot! WOW, I would be digging a quick hole for cover- glad it was more mild than the terror it looks!
Have a great holiday- hope your boy comes home!

Robyn said...

fab photo. that is one of my favourite lines from the film (i just watched it again last week when i hosted my own 'i miss africa' sob party. its ok though-now I am in europe-thinking-god-this place is bloody marvelous. merry christmas .

JoeinVegas said...

A gentle rain then to the ocean. Have a fun holiday

Silvia Byrne said...

Finally rain .... and time by the beach - sounds wonderful. Happy Happies and toasting to a new year.

Mark said...


Francisca Matteoli said...

How are you, querida ? Merry Xmas to you from Paris. Hope to read a lot of your stories in 2013 ! XXX
Francisca Mattéoli