Monday, February 18, 2013

happy shop - Part 2

if i owned an Happy Shop these are the things i'd be selling. these are the things i'd be buying in bulk.

 free and wild children who still play with sticks and mud, who don't wear shoes and who believe in majiks and ghosts and fairies.

food glorious food. carrots sliced and olives and dips and fanta and pineapple juice and pies from the eastern cape. 

puppies and dogs....and girlie wirlies.

colourful bicycles every day on the way to school with shirts and scarves to match the ensemble.

music music music and the time and space to make it.

i'd buy a way to give smiles, even costly ones, because they make happiness.

and lastly, horses horses horses....who could live without your friend?

...(to be continued)


Nic Sebastian said...

I'd come to your shop - again and again! Love it, N

Bridget W. said...

me i want a bulk order - more especially that njinga! Wonderful blog :) x

debra said...

been thinking about you these days.
sending love and light across the Pond.

Robyn said...

Reading every word of yours.

Your photos are a great way to start the day-I'm a happy customer!x

Mark said...

...Jaffa Cakes please.

Janelle said...

aw shucks...thanks all you happy shop customers...better bring some new stock...and soon....hate running out. x j

Family Affairs said...



Anonymous said...

I worry for you...about you..I know ..
Since you gave up on the FB bullshit its hard for me to read between the lines...and fergodsake how did Jon die? Is there any tougher place to live? I hear the news from my kids FB..growing up in TZ they hate to leave their roots behind..
I wish sometimes to come back...but you know I won't lizzy's predictions too great for me to bear...silly shit anyway...sending love always to you my Janelli...from the other side of Africa <3..
love you XXX wendy XXXX

Mark said...

"Is there any tougher place to live?" I'm confident that at least 1 of the 7 billion residents of #3 can offer their own perspective. Wealth or wisdom is still leveraged by human condition.

At present I'm suppressing the human condition with chocolate chip cookies and Pinot Noir...regret to follow.

Miranda said...

And thru thick and thin friends.

And hurricane lamps that smell of parafin

And tickle belly laughs.

And little bits of mica


Sarah Jambiani said...

Hey Ma,
Where are you? Missing your blogs. Is everything ok?